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Not me Monday....Valentine's Edition...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Here I am doing another "Not Me Monday" The day when I tell you what I and those around me "didn't" do......

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I was "not" underwhelmed but the out pouring of love in my household... The Axeman was "not" ignoring the whole day was special. He did "not" get up before me and ignore the blueberry muffins I stayed up late to make... and eat cold cereal. He did "not" wake me up five minutes before my alarm to ask if I had "set my alarm..." He did "not" go right from that to the bathroom where he took up residence for thirty minutes...knowing full well I once my eyes open that is the room I need...

When I got up and going and decided to hand him the card he had "not" walked past on the kitchen table about 100 times that morning... He did "not" read it, nod, set it down and start to walk off without commenting.... After I asked him if he thought it was funny (because I know he prefers funny to sappy) he did "not" say "I can see where you found it humorous.." (Oh. no. he. did. "not"...)

After church when we got home and I asked him if he get me a card or anything he did "not" point to the apron I ordered and did "not" say... you are wearing my gift... When I did "not" start to cry a little (darn hormones...) he did "not" suggest going out to Wal-Mart on Monday because "all the candy will be half-off..."

About forty minutes later I did "not" discover Curly forgot to put in the potatoes I asked her to put in the oven when we got home... and it would be 45 minutes until I could serve lunch... I did "not" loose my patience with her, because I was upset with her dad.

When lunch was finally served, the Axeman did "not" tell me he would be eating the special dinner that I had been working on since I put the meat in to marinade the night before in front of the TV... because the one event he liked in the winter Olympics (that involves guns of course) was now on...

I did "not" then curl up in a fetal position on the love seat and sleep the rest of the afternoon away wishing the day would end. Later when I was helping out at AWANA at church and was reminded we were having a pizza party there I did "not" tell Curly to call him and tell him to (and I do "not" quote..) "fend for himself, because I am not making him dinner..." (Nope, "not" me...)

I do "not" realize how silly it is for me to have high expectations of this silly day by this point in my life... I do "not" remember that he rarely makes any effort for this day... and I do "not" know that if I don't express my expectations to him in advance it is "not" his fault he can't read my mind....

Nope... "not" me....

PS..I did "not" just mis-spell a word in my link on MckMama... aghhh...
Thanks for listening,


  1. I hope that you have a better day today! :)

  2. sounds like my every day life :( I sure do hope your day today is better. I am STUCK in the house AGAIN due to slippery roads! JOY JOY! I have so much that needs to be done tomorrow, I hope they clear the roads and I can get out of my neighborhood! Hugs

  3. Rebecca I would so give you a hug right now! Love you!

  4. Oh poor sweetie. That must have been awful for you. I have finally solved the whole V day thing by not paying any attention to it since my anniversary in just 12 days later. That doesn't help you any ... But telling your hubby exactly what you need/want will. So next time, don't be shy.

  5. I had to specify what kind of chocolate I wanted :)

    And I didn't expect anything else.


    Do you have any of those muffins left?

    LOVE YA!


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