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Name My Family Contest....& Giveaway

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yes, you read that title right....

I need you guys to name my family....

Since I started this little blog a month ago my family has been really supportive and encouraging... they even let me read my posts to them from time to time. The only complaint they have is they really, really hate the names I've given them. I can understand "P" being annoyed by just being a letter, but the girlies really don't like being "KK" & "AL"... In fact, if you've been reading the whole time, you will remember that "AL" went from "Boo" to "AL" about a week in...

I don't want to use their proper names... this is my little venture after all... they don't need future employers (etc...) reading about my reminisces of potty training them... I want to let them make their own "google" mistakes... they don't need my help...

That being said... I am at a loss for what to call them. Some of you know them personally, some of you don't but I know y'all are really creative, so below is a brief bio for each of them... lets see what you can come up with...

What's in it for you you ask? Well... prizes...of course... This weekend I tried my hand at making those cute "Wristlet Key Fobs" that are all the rage on ETSY these days and they turned out really, really cute. (If I do say so myself... and I guess I do...)

Here is what they look like:

I didn't make this one, but my photos came out really dark and I wanted you to get the idea. These handy wristlets allow you to just pop your keys on your wrist so you won't set them down and lose them anymore...these also make really cute camera wrist straps... (I know..these are no "Pioneer Woman...Kitchen Aid Mixer" type prizes, but I figure it's always fun to win something, right?) I will post photos later of the ones the winners can choose from so you can start thinking about which one you want...

Here are the Bios:

Meet My Husband...
He is 6'3" and wouldn't want me to tell you his weight, but suffice it to say... he's not a little guy. He is really, really strong... he can carry a sofa on his shoulder. He is outdoorsy and collects knives, hatchets, axes, etc...
He has been told he resembles a certain fabled lumberjack who hangs with a blue ox... but he REALLY dislikes this... Go figure... He also really dislikes having his picture taken...
He is really, really smart, but doesn't realize just how smart he is. He is somewhat introverted and can be hard to get to know, but if you bring up politics, the economy or the Bible look-out. He is militant in what he believes to be true and has been known to use hyperbole to prove his point.
He reads the Bible and non fiction almost exclusively... he watches the History Channel (esp. Axe Men) and Book TV, but has been known to enjoy some UFC fights...

Our older daughter is 17 and the most amazing and mature person I know. (This is good since one of us has to be...) She is the kind of girl others tell me they want their daughters to be like when they are teens...I don't know how that happened, but she is a blessing. She is preparing to fly the coop and go where the Lord leads her. She has the call to be a missionary on her heart, and she plans to follow that...
She tends to be either really serious or really silly, I guess you could say she is a black and white girl... everything in her life is black and white... like her moods, she rarely operates in shades of gray... (It took me a long time to figure this out about her..) She is fiercely loyal and always fair. (To a fault)
She doesn't like to read, but when she does read she likes really sad books (like "The Lovely Bones") She like scary movies but enjoys a good chick flick with her mom and sister. She has a true servant's heart and is always looking for ways to help out. Last summer when I was sick for several weeks she stepped up and practically ran the house.

Our youngest daughter is 14 and the life of every party. She is remarkably witty and always has been. She lights up every room and is a joy to all who know her. Everyone who meets her wants to be her friend, and she has never met anyone she didn't like. She loves to read and really likes the TWILIGHT series. The photo above is what she is doing when she is not with friends or reading. Her favorite movie is THE NOTEBOOK  and she listens to music non-stop. (Especially Taylor Swift & Carrie Underwood.) She is a true night owl and very creative. She writes and draws non-stop.

I know that's a lot of information... I don't expect anyone to come up with one name that covers all their gifts and strengths.... I was just hoping to give you a little inspiration...Hopefully that gives you something to work with... feel free to get creative. They can either be part of a "theme" or person specific...

How to enter....
You get one entry for each family member that you can think of a nick-name for... (ex. one for P, another for KK and another for AL.) That way if you can only think of one name you can still enter, and if you are creative to come up with three you get three entries! Just post a comment below for each or all... The person who I pick for each winning name will receive a key fob (or three if you are just that good!)... all other entries will be entered in a random drawing for a fourth key fob.

Not feeling so creative, but still want one of my little key fob things? Just become a follower (How do I become a follower... just click over there on the right..) and post a comment below... telling me you are a follower.. you will be entered for that fourth key fob. (Already a follower...that's fine, just say "Hey...I'm a follower and have no name suggestions...)

You can enter until Midnight (Central time) Thursday, February 11th.

We will pick our favorites Friday the 12th and draw for the fourth prize after. I will announce the winners Friday Evening. Please include an email address if you don't have one on your google profile so I can contact you. Also, for this contest I won't be accepting any "anonymous" posts.

Thanks for entering,


  1. Hi Rebecca :)

    OK, I will be the first to make an idiot of myself...won't be the first time. haha

    Since AL has the initials for the state of Alabama... you could call her Alabama, or Boo BamaJama,or Friendly Kind I think AL is friendly & outgoing Or Alphie.(I know these sound stupid, but I am just flying by the seat of my pants here! For P; Go Peay... not unique nor original, or APSU, or Mr Politics/Mr Politically Correct/Pauly Short or Polar Bear Poland. haha OK, for KK, hmmmm Missionary Maiden or Moody Martha/Mary :) I agree she is one of the most kind teens I know. or Lovely young lady. Ok, i KNOW people will come up with more unique & perfect names, but I just wanted to give it a shot! Have fun! hugs :)

  2. You are about 20 minutes from us! We're in Springfield! What a small world! I'd love to have you join us at My Great Retreat www.mygreatretreat.com Its a forum for crafters, bloggers, and WAHM's!


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  4. Hi there, Rebecca! Just stopped over from PW--have fun with your blog! I'm sure I'll enjoy reading about all of your family's adventures.

    I'd call your family by something that screams to their individual personalities--like maybe "Samson" for your husband, or "HubbaMan," and (I don't think this fits, but as an example) "Miss Priss" or "Princess" or something for your girls. It's hard to get a feel, this early on, for their personalities. It looks like one is Bookworm and one is MP3 (or IPod), so far, so maybe they'd work.

    Good luck, and love those key fobs! Gorgeous work--I'm jealous of your talent. :)


  5. Hi Rebecca!

    What a fun contest. That key fob you made is so cute!!!

    Hmmmm, my votes are LJ for your husband (lumberjack), Bella for your youngest daughter like in Twilight and Alice for your older daughter - also from Twilight.

    Thanks for the advice about teenagers! Your seem like wonderful girls!


  6. I can totally relate to KK on the whole B/W thing. My mom used to (still does, I guess) call me Prophet.

    Here's my thought on the whole matter. Pick a theme for your blog/family and then use names relative to that. For example, if you picked bears (don't pick bears)...You could choose Papa Bear, Sister Bear, and Baby Bear (but please please [ohmygosh PLEASE] don't take those as a suggestion, just an example. I would cry if you chose those...and I think your girls would too).

    Also, it will be hard to pick a name to cover all the facets of your family's attributes. I like "Samson" for P as stated above, but that doesn't cover his love for the history channel or apologetics. You just can't do it all.

    Lastly, I would pick names that aren't necessarily names. That way, if someone coming to your blog for the first time reads about your adventures with Ken, Molly, and Kelly, they won't miss the wit in their nicknames, mistaking them for real names (but that is just my opinion).

    That said, I do not claim to be an expert on picking names; I simply wanted to contribute to the thinktank. So here are my brainstorms:
    Hubby: I like Samson and LJ that were suggested
    KK: The Prophet, Mother Hen (I know this prob won't be her favorite), Curly
    AL: Party Girl, and I thought BoBallie was TOO cute!

    P.S. I don't intend any of this to count as entries...especially since I repeated a lot of other peoples' suggestions.

  7. hmmm....

    let me think

    for P, maybe the Great Guru- you have to seek him out for conversation and he doesn't say much, but when he does it is profound

    for KK, the advocate- it is a missionary themed word and she is a champion for justice

    for Al, sparkle- she adds the zing to those around her

  8. For your husband: Paul Bunyan?

  9. For some reason I got the impressions of animals.
    Hubs - Bear
    KK - Lady Zebra (everything black & white)
    Miss. Owl - Night Owl
    You - Lioness (mother lions are the fiercest when protecting their young)

    Hmmm...my creativity is tapped for the night. BUT...BUT..you live right up the road. Tell me when you are coming to N'ville and we will hit some high maintenance areas.

  10. Followed you over here from Holly's blog...Hi!

    I'm rubbish at naming family (I have Baby and DS - Darling Son) so can't help you out I'm afraid. The only thing that came to mind was for your hubby, and he won't like it, but anyhoo...

    Axeman or Oxman. That last one isn't because of his looky-likey, it's 'cos he's strong as an Ox and can carry sofa's on his shoulders :D

  11. oh! obvious, but "princesse" or "la princesse" for AL...

    a french twist on an already-suggested name!

  12. hey, wait, i don't see the other comment i made...i must have taken so long, it didn't publish?

    okay, in my original comments:

    AL - bijoux (jewels - from another poster's suggestion of "sparkle"); miss mademoiselle (yes, it's redundant, but i think it sounds cute)...

    and my family members call each other by the berenstain bear names all the time!!! talk about cheesy! yep, that's us! we have all five: papa, mama, sister, brother, and honey/baby bear :)

    i had a whole list of french words/names in the comment that didn't publish...but the two above are my faves...if you want to get other names/words translated, rebecca, call me :)