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"Name My Family"...Contest & Giveaway... Winners

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am hoping to get this posted before midnight, but I must confess I am totally wrapped up in the Olympic opening ceremony. It is hard to type, when I am watching TV so intently... (sorry)

The entries are in... and finally my sweet, long suffering family have new "bloggy" names...

P will now be known as (drum roll...) : Axeman 
                      Winner #1... Silver Thistle

KK will now be known as (drum roll) : Curly (as in Curly hair... not Mo & Larry)
                     Winner #2.... Jenn from "Paul + Jenn The Adventure"

Al will now be known as (drum roll) : Sparkle
                     Winner #3.... Sarah

Random Draw Winner #4....SunnyKim from LivingOutLove - Take 2

Bonus Drawing (since I love y'all) Winner #5.... Rosie from Mi Casita Mi Escuelita

Finally, here are the finished key fob/camera strap you will win: (sorry about the photo quality...)

Here are close-up of your choices:

Brown Floral

Pink Dots

Red Floral

Pink & Lime Floral

Notice the above one has the key ring... they will all have one... they just missed their photo op...
These also make cute camera wrist straps...

I have these little "camera thingy ma bobs" so if you prefer this to the key ring let me know...

Side note... Curly's camera had to act as a stand in for mine... it took me a minute to figure out I can't take a photo of my camera... with my camera...

if you are a winner please email me contact me at highmaintenanceaspirations@yahoo.com
I need your name and mailing address...
Also please let me know your top two color choices...

Please keep in mind when you receive your "prize" that I made these myself... I'm an armature crafter at best... they are cute if you don't look too close at the craftsmanship...

Thanks for playing...



  1. Wow! Seriously?! Thanks so much :D
    That's a first!

    I'll share a little secret.....I didn't even realise there were prizes, heheh....
    I know, I'm not too observant, obviously. By the time I got to thinking about names, I'd frogotten it was a prize contest and just thought it was a call for suggestions. So this is a double 'yay'! I got my suggestion picked and I got a prize! A toofer as we say round here, lol.
    Well done to the other ladies too!!!

    I'm excited, I LOVE handmade!

  2. Awww.. thank you.. I love you too! I think the key straps are way cute. So glad KK's new name is after her curls and not the three stooges, though I have had many laughs watching my dad watch that show.. lol!

  3. Whoa! Awesome! That's so cool! Thanks!

  4. Congratulations to all the winners! I Love the new names! Ok, are we going to come up with a name for you? haha Have a nice day!

  5. i already emailed you...twice...but i wanted to say it here, too:



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