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Cate's Birthdays through the years....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I told Cate that I would post pictures from all her birthday parties over the years...

I had no idea how big of a job this would be...

So I don't have them all... because it takes a long time to take apart the scrapbooks, scan them in, edit the photos and then put the albums back together... I don't have that kinda time today... Sorry Cate...

You will also get a chance to see some of my "mad scrapbooking skillz" from the early years of scrapbooking....

1st Birthday
We had her party at McDonald's in Livingston. MT.

2nd Birthday
Friends come over for cake & ice cream... these were taken while she was waiting for her party to begin.... I videotaped the party, so no photos... I learned my lesson about that...
(Bozeman, MT.)

3rd Birthday
We had her party at Hardee's in Bozeman, MT
I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with Sparky... I wasn't up to "hosting" anything at home....
(the year of the unfortunate "clown" incident...)

4th Birthday
Her "Barbie" Party
(That is Sparky on a friend's lap in the center/left photo)
Bozeman, MT

5th Birthday

We took her and her friends out to lunch at Applebees and then came back home and they decorated the cake themselves... they had a blast!
Bozeman, MT

6th Birthday

Mickey & Minnie Mouse theme Party at home with friends...
Bozeman, MT

7th Birthday
"Princess Party"

We made "Princess Hats"

and I bought the town out of old prom dresses...
So the girls played "dress-up"
Then they took their dress home as a party favor...
Bozeman, MT

8th Birthday
Rollerskating Party in Bozeman, MT

9th Birthday
"Movie Star Party"

Stockton Springs, ME

10th Birthday
Pizza Party with Friends & Family
Stockton Springs, ME

11th Birthday
Slumber Party
Stockton Springs, ME

12th Birthday
Surprise Party
and Sleepover with best friends
Belfast, ME

13th Birthday
Game Night with Friends
Waterville, ME

14th Birthday
Sleepover with cheerleading buddies...
Waterville, ME

15th Birthday
Double Surprise Party
Her and the friend pictured birthday's are 10 days apart...
We surprised them both with a "double" party!

Clarksville, TN

16th Birthday
Rollerskating Party...

We rented the whole place and had a ton of people there... unfortunately the lighting was horrible and I was so busy that I have very few good pictures of this night. If we have big party like this again I will spring for a photographer... I am very sad that we have 3 photos of this milestone event... and not even good ones...
Please note the tiera.. she wore it all day!
Clarksville, TN

17th Birthday
Cookout with Friends & Family
Clarksville, TN

and of course her...
18th Birthday!

I can't believe we have celebrated this day 18 times now....

PS. I will continue to upload pictures of the "missing years" over time...

Thanks for listening,


  1. How sweet is that. I love seeing all the changes... The limo looked like fun and the pink cupcakes. Yum.

    WELCOME...to SITS! We are so happy to have you join. I'm hosting a "sweet" giveaway...come on over. :D

  2. Aw I had a Mcdonalds Birthday too when I was little! I think I was three? Happy birthday Cate! :)

  3. A limo! You are a rockin' mom. I need to get in gear and plan a fourth birthday party for my "big" girl. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Hi...Thanks for visiting! Nice to 'meet' you too : )

    I love the idea of this post and would love to do something like that for my girls birthdays. Hey, maybe its a good thing I'm years behind on scrapbooking. I've been going thru old photos and I realize we took some really bad pictures. I wonder if I can even put my hands on pictures from every birthday. My youngest turns 20 but not til Sept. If I start now I might be able to make it happen by then!

  5. That is really cute. I love the Movie Star party! Check out that pink limo. I bet those girls had a blast. That gives me an idea for my 30th!!

  6. i like the dressup party, when the gals took home the dress :)

    i also like the decorate-your-own-cake thing!

    hmmm, will be filing these ideas away!



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