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Five Favorites Friday... Magazine Edition...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Here it is time for my Five Favorite Friday...

This week I am listing my Five Favorite Magazines...

My husband and I were discussing my eclectic reading choices and to sum it up... this is another thing he just doesn't understand about me... We were at a local book store last Saturday and I picked up some of my favorite periodicals and he said it looked like I was either shopping for five different people or it is time to start "integrating the personalities" (name that movie...or book... it's both) Anyhow, without further ado... here are my five favorite magazines in no particular order...

1. Real Simple...
I have subscribed since the first issue and read them again and again... they never grow dated...

2. Mental Floss
I love all the trivia... it is kinda low-brow for the high brow set...

3. Cooks Illustrated...
It looks like a high falutin' cooking publication... but it is for real cooks who want to cook better... They say "You don't need 45 roasted chicken recipes... just one good one..."  Amen.

4. People...
I'm sorry... guilty pleasure... I don't buy it very often and I always feel a little "dirty" for liking it, but hopefully y'all won't judge...

5. Creating Keepsakes...
I love me some scrapbooking... only I don't get a lot of time to "scrap" these days... but when this shows up in my mailbox for a few hours I lose myself in the hobby I love... without it taking over the dining room...

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