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Not Me Monday...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here I go again...

I did not get super busy today... too busy to post about the award I won (my first) and giveaway I had planned for today. (I will do this tomorrow.)

 I did not end up yelling at the girlies this morning. I did not then give them a thirty minute lecture that eneded in all of us crying. (But especially them) Even though the things I said were true, I do not now feel like pond scum for making them cry. I am not a bad mom sometimes.
I am not sorry....

Thanks for listening,


  1. Following back from Friday follow ;)

    I look foward to reading more of you blog.
    Have a great day ;)

  2. Oh! I did not have one of those moments this past weekend where enough was enough! I don't know whether to laugh at the fact I'm not the only one that yells, makes my children cry and then feel bad about it later or to cry at the fact that my children are still very young and that obviously it does not get easier! to :-) or :-( = 8-}

  3. Keep your head up!! You are a great MOM!

  4. I hate when I make Bellie cry. Maddie is still all smiles.

    But the worst is when I get short with her, then stub my toe on a stupid toy and she runs up to me with love and kisses asking me if I'm okay. :(

    xo & hope tomorrow is happy :)

  5. "D'nile ain't just a river in Egypt." Hope your Tuesday is much better.

  6. We've all been there! I hope you are feeing better about yourself now.


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