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Spark Notes... #1

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello there,
Welcome to Spark Notes!

I am so excited to become a weekly feature on my Mom's latest hobby. She talks about her blog all the time and loves reading her posts and comments aloud to us whenever we will listen. She is the reason I'm writing for you now, because of my mom's new hobby my eyes have been opened to the new possibility of writing my own blog. She came up with the idea of me writing for her on Saturdays and I'm so glad i get to be a part of this wonderful blog that makes my mom so happy.

My mom has always been a very good story teller and has many, many stories to tell. I have heard a lot of her stories over the years and have always enjoyed each and every one of them. I hope I have inherited that "story telling" trait from my mom and will soon find out if I have or not.

Now I'll tell you a little bit about myself "Sparky" as I'm known here on her blog. I'm 14 will be 15 soon and I'm currently holding down the position of youngest in our family (I don't really think that will ever change...) I'm a lot like my mom in the way that my personality consists of sarcasm and quick thinking. I'm also incredibly blunt always have been, even as a child. (Although it frequently gets me in trouble...) I'm not at all shy and can talk to pretty much anybody. This is one personality trait that comes in handy often.

I'm homeschooled at the moment but you never know where the future will take me... we are talking about if I should go back to public school, or maybe a private school. Who knows, we may decide to keep homeschooling.

"Duck Lips"

I love spending time with people. In a crowd is where I'm most at home. I have a circle of very close friends with whom I spend most my time just laughing and having a great time.

I like to think I can have a good time anywhere no matter what I'm doing. Anything can be made fun and I'm usually pretty good at figuring out a way of doing that. (Except algebra... algebra is never fun) I think people make they're own happiness and who doesn't like being happy... right? So in all situations I try to have a good time whether or not anyone around me is doing the same

I'm no longer "on the ball"

I've always been a very big fan of music. I love all types country, pop, rock, christian rock, etc. I love singing and dancing no matter where I am, or if I'm good at it.

I love my family, and wanted to tell you about them. I know my mom talks about them a lot, but that is her perspective...

There is my mom "rebecca d" who you already know pretty well. She's "the cool mom" all my friends always tell me that and i know its true. She's not “cool” because she lets me get away with stuff... because I don't, believe me. She is “cool” because she's smart, funny, and someone I can really talk to. I don't have to be afraid about what I say and I always know shes really listening. She's so much fun to hang out with and always has been. She can turn a boring day into the best day ever in no time at all, it's like it just comes natural to her.

My sister is "Cate" who is 17 (almost 18) and is the person I look to every time I have a problem or just need to talk. She's is such a great listener and better problem solver. Even though she probably doesn't know it, I look up to her, a lot. I hope to have her friendship with me for the rest of my life. We're the type of sisters that stick together no matter what and we'll be best friends forever. We're not perfect, we fight and have our differences, but in the end no one knows you better then your sister and I love mine very much.

My dad "the Axeman" is the smartest person I know. He has always been my own personal human encyclopedia. He seems to know something on every subject and if he doesn't know he helps me look it up. I learn so much from just a simple conversation with him. (Although you can rarely have a “simple” conversation with him.) I am so thankful to have him in my life, he's always there for me and everything he does is for us. He's a great provider and father, he always makes me laugh. He is always willing to help and I love him.

My family is made up of some real “characters” but we all fit together somehow. We always have a great together even just sitting around talking and laughing. I cherish everyday I spend with them.

Well, that's my family and "Sparky" in a nutshell. Although I've never really written anything for someone to read before, I am looking forward to sharing bits of my life weekly. I really hope you enjoy a smile, a laugh, and seeing the world through my eyes.

Goodbye for now,
& I hope you keep reading Spark Notes!

Love ya more then Pop Tarts, 

PS. About a week ago late one night I was sitting on our exercise ball, being silly, and Mom started snapping a photos. I didn't know she would be using them here. (If I had I would have brushed my hair and fixed my eye makeup.) She says these pictures show who I really am, so they stay. Since I don't know her password, I guess they stay.


  1. Great post, and I love the pictures! I'm looking forward to reading Spark Notes. Oh, and you're right, Algebra was never fun when I was taking it either.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Awesome post! I loved reading it--and can't wait for more.

    She's adorable!

    Oh--and I have always loved Algebra. Crazy and weird, I know...

  3. Wonderful posting Sparky! I enjoyed reading very much. :) It's nice to get to know your family from a different perspective. Hugs.

  4. what a cute idea!! enjoyed your blog post. you did a GREAT job!

  5. I have something for you over at my blog. Have a great day!!


  6. Awesome! What a sweet and wise young lady, you did a great job. We hate algebra at my house too;)

  7. Sparky, I think you do have your mom's gift of story telling! This was wonderful! I look forward to reading next week!

    PS.. Algebra is only fun if you love it.. and I loves it ;-) lol

  8. This is awesome! I absolutely LOVE your writing. I don't claim to be an expert or anything, but I tutored my brothers in writing and majored in English, and this is some of the best I've seen! Certainly college-worthy, obviously more than that as you're already writing for the world. Whatever you do in life, I sure hope you keep writing...I'll be reading! :)

  9. Sparky! What a pleasure to get to know you better through your weekly contribution to this blog. You're an excellent writer and I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Spark Notes." The photos are terrific too.

  10. you're so sweet, sista :)

    it gives me hope to see that you and cate are best friends. that's what i want for my kiddies :)


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