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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hey there... It's Saturday, and I know Sparky has a bunch of entries for "Spark Notes" but she is sound asleep and search as I can, I can not find her file of them on here.... I would wake her up, but am hesitating for two reasons...

1. Tomorrow is her Birthday, but since we have church in the morning she wouldn't be able to sleep in.

2. Any mom of teens will tell you, the hardest and most hazardous time of our day is poking the sleeping bears... I mean waking our teens up....

That being said, I missed you guys so much during the past two weeks I didn't want to miss a day of chatting with you. Yesterday I was catching up on some of my blog reading and doing that follow a link.. to a link... to a link thing... Discovering some really fun blogs and having a blast... One blog I landed on did this thing where she asked her readers to ask her anything and she would answer it... What a fun idea... So that is what I will be doing today...

Yes, you read that right...

Ask me anything! 

I promise I will try to answer... If there is a reason I can't answer I'll tell you that, otherwise, ask away...

Not that I lead an exciting life of mystery, but I just thought this sounded like fun.

(I really hope at least one of you asks a question or this will be really embarrassing...)

PS. I just mentioned what I was typing to the Axeman and laughed... and asked "You mean there is something you haven't told them" and walked off chuckling... Silly man... In that case feel free to ask questions about him too! LOL

Thanks for listening (and asking!),


  1. I hope you all enjoy your daughter's birthday tomorrow!

  2. Ok! Why do you think our husbands love teasing us about our blogs so much?

  3. Hi There.
    I'm stopping by via SITS Saturday Sharefest to say hello.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I got two questions based on your profile. What is your favorite movie? Also, you say you move a lot so out of all the places you've lived at, which place have you enjoyed the most so far?

  5. Ooohhh! I love this honey!

    Okay, I having been dying to ask you what made you decide on homeschooling? Have you homeschooled your girls their entire time through school?

    And I am wanting to know if it's really hard to homeschool? I mean you being their teacher...is it difficult? I've wanted to homeschool my girls, but get a little scared that it's really hard to do. I guess i just want to know all about it :)

    Thanks for doing this! So fun! xoxo


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