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Easy Peasy...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturday I asked you to ask me anything...

Y'all let me off the hook way too easy...

Here goes...

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded (who has a beautiful new blog design!) asked:

Why do you think our husbands love teasing us about our blogs so much?

First, I decided to do this scientifically and ask him... This resulted in no useful information what-so-ever... I was going to just say, it is either because they don't get it or they are jealous of the time we spend on here... I don't think either is true though... The Axeman reads a lot of blogs, so her gets it and I know he is much relieved that I use up so many of my daily allotment of words on y'all. You know... instead of spilling them all over him when her gets home everyday like so much "maple flavored syrup"... lol.
My new (working) theories are that they tease us about our blogs, because:
1. They are happy for us, that our blogs make us so happy, so they feel free to tease us about them since they know they make us happy and we won't be sensitive to their teasing... and/or
2. Although they like that our blogs make us so happy... we spend a lot of time on them and they can't understand working so hard on something they won't get paid for (or paid much for)...
But I could be wrong...

Jackie from My Perfect Little World asked two questions:

1. What is your favorite movie?

2. You say you move a lot so out of all the places you've lived at, which place have you enjoyed the most so far?

Jackie, there is no easy answer to question #1... I love movies... Lots & Lots of movies...  Current favorites would be The Blind Side.. so touching, &  Hochi... beautifully sad... it made me sob.
 When I need a chick flick I still love Pretty Woman, While You Were Sleeping, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Sabrina...
When I need an action movie I love the Will Smith blockbusters... (I'm a sucker for Will Smith!) Independence Day, Men In Black, I Robot, you name it... I loves it... If I am not in the mood for Will... bite my tongue, but it happens... Then I reach for the Jason Bourne movies.. My favorite is still the first one, The Bourne Identity... but they are all great.
When I am feeling geeky (which if you ask the girlies, is always) I reach first for Serenity... The recent Star Trek movie blew my skirt up, but to tell you the truth... I loves me some Sci-Fi, but I tend to prefer Sci-Fi TV shows to movies...
Speaking of TV shows... when I watch DVDs my favorite obsession these days is watching TV series on DVD... I could while away a whole week watching the new Battlestar Galactica, or Firefly, or Gilmore Girls, or even Deadliest Catch... because nothing lifts me out of a funk like hours on end of crab fishing... go figure...
When all else fails... Sparky and I are into the Twilight Series... We are not obsessed, but we read the books together and so we love to curl up on a rainy day and watch the first two movies... (Sorry you asked yet?)

Now, for question #2... That is an easy one... Bozeman, Montana, hands down. We have lived a lot of places and have made a lot of friends everywhere we have been, so please people, don't feel slighted. (The question was about location... so that is what I based it on.)  Bozeman was the place that made my heart sing... I love the Rocky Mountains... Coastal Maine was a close second, but there is something about the mountains that make my heart sing.

Chelle from The Winey Mommy committed question gluttony... but since I love her, I'll answer them all!

She asked: (I will answer these as we go)
I having been dying to ask you what made you decide on homeschooling? When Cate was in first grade they discovered she had dyslexia... they didn't seem to be able to help her, so I reluctantly gave it a go. I soon realized that I love homeschooling, and when Sparky was old enough we decided to homeschool her too... Have you homeschooled your girls their entire time through school? As I just said I started when Cate was in first grade, we took a year off when she was in sixth grade and Sparky was in third. They went to a small private school. We moved the next summer and homeschooled for a year, but it was a hard year and the girlies really, really wanted to try public school. We had a really good experience with public school and had we stayed there they would probably have stayed in public school. Alas, my husbands job moved us out of state. Cate wanted to go back to homeschooling, but Sparky went to one semester of public school. She ran into a lot of bullying issues so after one semester she too decided to homeschool. We have homeschooled ever since...
And I am wanting to know if it's really hard to homeschool? Yes and no... does that clear it right up? Not quite? Ok... What I mean is that we have had easy years and hard years (easy days and hard days...) But overall, is it hard? No, you are the teacher, you get the answer book and there are TONS of resources out there these days to help out. I personally think it is harder to turn over my sweet girlies to be educated by strangers... after all, they get their best hours out of everyday... Homeschooling high school was really scary to me at first, but so far they have been a joy overall...   I mean you being their teacher...is it difficult? I may have just answered this one, but no, it is fun. It is a job... "teacher" but I have loved being their teacher. There are as many styles of homeschooling as there are people doing it... I am a really active homeschooler who has over the years filled our days with lots of activities, educational co-ops, support groups, social groups, field trips (Oooohhhh the field trips... I have loved the field trips... when they were younger we would do one a month...) and sports... I will miss it when I am done... I have been truly blessed to have this opportunity...  I've wanted to homeschool my girls, but get a little scared that it's really hard to do. I guess i just want to know all about it :) (Chelle, I hope that helps... and I am always open to any questions you may have... so feel free to ask anytime!)

That's it... Easy Peasy... Y'all let me off too easy!

Thanks for listening,


  1. Dear Rebecca, I wasn't going to ask my question here in public. haha.... just joking. Have a wonderful day. How is graduation going? Best of luck with all of that. hugs!

  2. LOL....I think my hubby teases me about my blog for both of those reasons.:o)

  3. Yay! Thanks for answering!

    Sorry I asked you so many questions :) I am just so curious about homeschooling--thank you so much for answering my list, lol!


  4. I am also curious about homeschooling these days.
    And I heart Breakfast at Tiffany's!

  5. Thanks for answering. I guess it would be hard to choose your favorite movie since there's so many different types out there. I've never been to Montana, but Maine is somewhere I'd be interested in going.

    Also, I think my husband is jealous of all the time I spend on blogs. Unlike me, he doesn't really read any.


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