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Balance & Boundaries...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If that title was the answer (Jeopardy style) the question would be "Name two things Rebecca needs to set with her parents."

Let me go back... to answer your question... The Axeman and I arrived in Maine almost two weeks ago. We have barely slowed down for more then a few hours since. Our first task was to move all our belongings into an already full house... Moving is hard enough when your new home is empty... It is exponentially harder when the house is full. It has been made somewhat easier by the fact that they have come to terms with the reality that they are going into assisted living at some point in the next couple years and have already made a list of what they really want to keep to take with them. Other then that, they are open to setting rid of stuff, but it is still a lot of work and somewhat emotional for them to part with a life times worth of nick-knacks and other various stuff... Plus their stamina is low so I may have a couple hours of sort time a day to work with them... the rest of the time I feel like we are just moving piles from one spot to another.

The Axeman has been amazing. Not only did he agree to move here to take care of my parents, but has been and is the emotional, physical and spiritual anchor of our family. He has been so good about everything and completely willing to roll with the punches. He is the one doing a lot of that "pile moving" and has been great about it. He has also lessened my day to day work by cooking out nearly every night.

The girlies are settling in. Of course Sparky hit the ground running. She has several friends already and spends as much time as possible with them. Cate is a different story... she tends to hang back just a little, but seems to be finding her niche. They are really enjoying Maine overall, and can't wait to explore more.

We had a total small town moment last week... The Axeman, Cate and I went downtown to drop into the book store and my cousin's bakery. While down there we ran into Sparky who was walking downtown with a friend to get some lunch. We went to the bakery and got some stuff to take home, a couple treats to eat right away and some coffee (of course). We decided to walk down the hill to the public landing to eat our treats overlooking the water and came across a farmer's market set up at the public landing. It was amazing... it was a real farmer's market not the type where you suspect that all the produce was "trucked in." It was a very small town set up but they had live music and fresh selections, so we walked around then found a spot over looking the harbor to eat some of our finds. While enjoying the view who should walk by but Sparky and her friend, then my cousin Jim (brother to the aforementioned bakery owner) and his new wife.  We ended up asking them to join us and having an impromptu picnic. It was a moment full of laughter and bonding... a small bright spot in all the hard work we are doing.

Back to balance and boundaries... I am trying to find them. I haven't blogged in over two weeks and it's my fault. I need to say "I am taking a break now" and find a quit spot to write. My parents needs are huge and nearly constant... if I let them they will take over my life. I am good about saying I need a minute for time with the Axeman and/or the girlies, but as for finding time just for me... not so much. I have a new goal though... I want to take time to write everyday (except Sunday) for the next two weeks. I am also going to take at least one hour a day to catch up on reading my favorite blogs. I miss you guys... I miss blogging. Funny things happen to me all the time and I think what a funny blog they would make then don't take time to write... Crazy huh...

Thanks for listening,


  1. Sounds like a fun little town to live in! I want to find a really great farmers market around here, but havent had much luck yet. Make sure to find time for yourself, that way you won't burn out and get too exhausted! I think its great that you realized it before it got too far :) Miss your posts!

  2. It's nice to see you back. I find blogging theraputic and I hope you will be able to have the time you desire to write.

    I'm not in your shoes but we are working to get my mom to sell her big house and downsize. She has finally gotten her head around the idea of moving but finding a place has been a challenge and then there is all.her.stuff. I was there recently and wanted to tackle at least a drawer or two but everything is so hard. She keeps insisting she has been getting rid of so much and I just look around and say, "yes, but there is still so much here"...it's hard.

    Hoping all your piles of stuff dwindle quickly!...take care!


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