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Yes... I'm alive...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hey all... I hope the above title answers one of my sweet reader's questions... I am alive, a little crazed, but alive.

I spent the last three weeks in Maine with the girls taking care of my step dad and preparing their home for a significant population surge... We gave their whole house a good deep, spring cleaning and "decluttering." They don't have too much clutter... I mean they won't be doing a TV special on them anytime soon or anything. But with nearly constant health issues and physical disability things had gotten a little out of control. Also my mother had been sleeping in her recliner for over a year since she couldn't get her walker around the dresser next to her bed, so we reconfigured the furniture so she could once again sleep in her bed. We also had to empty out the bedrooms we will be using. All of this while taking care of my step dad. He got pneumonia about a week into our visit and was very sick for a few days. He is on the road to recovery now, but it was an eye-opener into what is in store for us. It turns out that illness makes alzheimer symptoms worse. It was had to be called "Lady" by my step dad who at that moment had no idea who I was... I know we have more of that down the road, but it's still hard. And far more emotionally exhausting then I ever imagined.

I am now back in Tennessee for a few days to pack and load all our belongings into a truck. There is so much to do, but only a few days to do it in. I need to focus, but I am feeling kinda overwhelmed at the moment. It will all get done... because it has to... The axeman and I will leave in a moving truck in a few day time for the long trek back to Maine. I am deeply saddened to be leaving my friends behind, but I am excited to start this next chapter. Plus it is over 90 degrees and humid here today and only 70 degrees and a cool ocean breeze there... I am not a "heat" girl... Bring on the Maine climate...

We visited a church there and really liked it. We hope the axeman will like it too... The girlies both have made some friends and even got to go on a youth trip with the youth group at the church we are visiting. They are settling in nicely.

Pray for Cate, she has a job interview for a summer job that she'd really like to get. She would be serving homemade ice cream at a take out window in a diner just two miles from where we will be living... She really hopes she will get it...

Oh... and the big news... I got a new computer... I love it... It's so pretty and shiny and new... and I once again feel like I am part of the world...

Thanks for listening,


  1. Dear Rebecca, Great hearing from you. The girls still in Maine? I do hope that your loading up your things and transporting the Axeman to Maine is smooth. :) I can only imagine how difficult it is emotionally to deal with the Alzheimers. Sounds like you have been working so hard. I am proud of you. Will say a prayer. I do hope Cate gets her job:) How are Sparky and the neighborhood Romeo? haha. Love you and big hugs, pam

  2. Glad you guys are doing well! You are doing a great thing by taking care of your parents. Hopefully it won't take you long to settle in and get into a sort-of routine. It sounds like you're well on the road to that now. Please don't stop blogging and looking at things in a humorous light. That's what helps us get through life. Enjoy the wonderful summer weather up there in Maine!

  3. Sounds like your daughters are settling in well. Good luck to Cate on her interview!

    Take care and it's good to hear from you.

  4. I've been thinking of ya'll. I'm glad the girls are settling in. We miss you and Paul in Sunday School. I hope things get better for you and your parents once you get settled in as well. Take care. ~Teresa G.


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