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Homecoming Dresses...

Monday, September 20, 2010

So Friday I told you about our quest for the perfect homecoming dress... The kids were informed Monday that "semi-formal attire" would be enforced. Apparently it has been kinda lax for the last several years... I don't know, we're new here. I wasn't worries as Sparky had a couple dresses that fit the description. It turns out none of those would work as I described in my last post, so Friday while she was in school we went to the two "department" type stores that are in the next town over to see if we could find her anything. (Keep in mind the dance was Friday night.)

My mother and I hit TJ Maxx first, but their selection was low and we didn't really see anything that fit what she was looking for. There was one dress we thought was a possibility, but at $65 it was a bit more then we wanted to spend on a last minute dress.

We left there and headed for JC Penney's, our final hope without an hour long drive we didn't really have time for. We hit pay dirt... There were racks and racks of semi-formals... all on sale... many on clearance... We quickly picked out six dresses fitting her description of what she was looking for...
Here is what we brought home:

#1: Hot Pink Satin

#2: Blue with Black Overlay

#3: Black with White Flowers

#4: White with Black Flowers
(by the way, not as short as it looks...)


#5: Pink Hombre'

#6: Gray Strapless
(w/ a sneak peek at Sparky's semi-finished bedroom)

Options #1 & #2 did not fit but #3-#6 fit like they were made for her...

And the winner is...


Black with White Flowers...

And she loved it...

Especially with the shrug she had leftover from prom...

The good news for her is that due to the extremely low prices (some as low as $11) we got the dresses for we decided to let her keep the others that fit... A decision that was met with squeals of joy!

Here she is with her friend that we picked up on the way to where she was meeting up with the group she was going with...

This is when the battery in my camera died... Alas I don't have any shots of the whole group, but it was fun to see them (and her) all dressed up. These kids are all new to me, but they all seem like such good kids (honor roll, athletes, class president, and yearbook editor to name a few...)  and bring such joy to Sparky and for that I adore them already.

Of course our team was playing Saturday and Sparky had to be there to help sell yearbooks (she joined the staff) and to cheer on her friends who were playing... We won, and she had a blast...
On the way home I noticed the leaves are starting to change...

Autumn in Maine is here...

It's looking like a great one!

Thanks for listening,


  1. Very pretty dress and very pretty girl. BTW, I want to see some of those pictures of Maine in Autumn! In Florida autumn is pretty much the same as every other season.

  2. She looks terrific! Nothing beats a sweet deal to boot.

  3. Sparky looks fantastic, and so glad to hear she had a wonderful time. It's 100 degrees here today, but not like the summer 100 degrees with high humidity it's lovely. Enjoy the lovely autumn

  4. Your daughter is beautiful! Lovely dress.


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