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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's Wednesday and it's HOT outside... Inside... Everywhere... Not hot for Maine, but h.o.t....hot. It was cool for weeks but summer is having it's final (I hope) hurrah here and we are melting... Hurricane Earl is supposed to whisk his way up the coast and be here (offshore... no threat at this point.) this Friday night and Saturday... He is supposed to blow all this nasty, sticky heat and poor air quality away... But like all the Earl's I've had in my life he is wreaking havoc elsewhere and taking his sweet time getting here... (Inside family joke there... sorry...)

Sparky had her first full day of school yesterday. She loves her classes and didn't have to eat lunch alone. (Her #1 fear.) By today she was meeting people before school. Due to the heat and nerves she hasn't eaten much more then a few granola bars and a lot of diet coke and ice tea... I made one of her favorite dinners last night and got her to eat a few bites, but not much more...  With this heat and my lack of desire to cook her (more complicated) favorite foods I may be forced to pull out the big guns... All you can eat Chinese buffet... She forced my hand... Not she will suffer the sweet siren song of her favorite sweet and sour chicken...

Paul is currently at his third day of school... He is enjoying the kids even though he doesn't understand how they can "hate algebra" only two days into the subject... He loves math and is really good at it, so of course he enjoys it... The other night at Sparky's open house her new math teacher had a "challenge" problem on the board... He glanced at it and whispered "eight" to me... Nobody else got it...Students or parents... I didn't even know where to start... His poor students don't have a chance...

A lot of you have asked about Cate... How and what she is doing... Well, she did ask me awhile ago not to blog about her so much... She has her reasons for desiring privacy, but not for the reason you think. There were people (families) in our lives at one time she cared a lot about. (We all did.) For numerous reasons... none that I care to re-hash here they are no longer a part of our lives. It doesn't bug me that some of them read my blog, in fact on some level I feel like even if they only read this blog to further criticize me (not that I know for a fact that is what they are doing...) I am ok with who I am and what is going on in my life and don't need to hide my joys or pain from them or anyone. But to her she feels the pain of the loss of these people more acutely and even second hand, vicarious contact feels like too much to her. I have tried to respect that and ok anything I post about her, with her before hand. Below is what she wanted me to share...

Cate is struggling right now. She is definitely going through a time of trial and growth. She knows the Lord wants her in the mission field but every time a path she is interested in comes up the door is firmly slammed shut. She is currently trying to figure out his will and direction. She has asked an older woman we go to church with that she has developed great respect for, to mentor/disciple her. She is working for at the church as the assistant youth leader to the Jr. High youth group, and they love her. She is most alive, happy and herself these days when she is with them. She is also seeking out part time employment to help her save up for some of her future goals. It has been a long summer of hard transition for her both from Tennessee to Maine and from childhood to adult, but she is starting to feel more hopeful about the future the Lord has for her. She asked me to ask for prayers for direction and the wisdom to know it when she receives it. She would also like to get to know more young adults and would like it if people prayed for doors to open in that area

Well that's it for my neck of the woods... I am off to do a whole lot of nothing on this way too hot day...

Thanks for listening,


  1. Does the church you attend sponser any missionaries or have a missions board? My church does both and that is how most of our youth gets involved in missions. It's great that she has started a mentor relationship, it will help her a lot with her walk with God and what direction to talk with Him. I did a bible study a couple years ago on mentoring relationships and I loved it. I also work with the youth at my church and having a mentor older than me and going through that study both really helped me with the youth. I really hope things work out for her and just remind her that it will be in His timing not hers (that is one of the hardest things to learn as a Christian)

  2. I am so glad Sparky didn't have to eat lunch alone! That was always my biggest fear as well. : ) I'll be praying for Cate. I understand the hesitation of knowing that people who are not fond of me read my blog. It's a scary thought at times, and so hard to understand when we are all such likable people. : )

  3. So so glad to hear "Sparky" is getting into the swing of things. I wouldn't worry about her appetite. I'm sure it'll rebound when she feels less anxious.

    Sorry you feel that unfriendly eyes may be lurking in the blogosphere. That's something I really don't have to worry about ;-D I admire Kate so much. She's a beautiful, smart, talented young woman and I know our Sovereign God is directing her paths, even though she feels out of step right now.

    I miss your family. Just wanted you to know.

  4. I think that you are a way cool Mommy to respect your daughter's wishes. Way cool!! She sounds like a very well rounded gal who knows what she wants and that is awesome.

    PS. It is hotter than he double hockey sticks in Canada too. Our iggloos are melting ;)


  5. Hurray for Sparky and Paul! I'm teaching my oldest algebra and he's not too fond of it either, but I'm hoping he'll grow into it. A wise homeschooling mom/math teacher I know says that kids shouldn't do algebra until they have hair under their arms ;D

    And Cate, though I've never met any of you, sounds like she is working through a tough time with wise choices. Sometimes the hardest thing to do (okay, for ME the hardest thing to do!) is to WAIT. Praying that this time of growth, and maturity, and 'ripening on the vine' will be a blessing to her.


  6. It sounds like Sparky is getting nicely acquainted and how nice of you to have the favorite meal for her. Wow, Paul IS intelligent..."8" that is just amazing! Yeah Algebra is hard. My son is taking another algebra math class in college this year and its tough. I most definitely will pray for Cate and I think her heart is lovely. The Lord will give her direction. Love and Hugs. Sorry to hear of the sadness in that situation you mentioned :(


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