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Weekend Review & Friday's Winner...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What an insane weekend... We didn't have "fun" stuff planned... Nope, not while there is still so much on the never ending "to-do" list... I did manage to squeeze in some fun activities, but around lots of being productive... I am happy to announce we have two bedrooms about 75% done! Whoo hoo... We also built some temporary walls in the basement family room to move Cate down there. She will reside in her temporary bedroom while we build her permanent bedroom at the other end of the basement.

My step father (who has alzheimer's) had quite a weekend... It took him a long time to get going Saturday so we gave him an ensure (meal replacement drink) for breakfast since it was 11 AM before he was ready to eat. He took a few sips, then dozed off in his chair. When we woke him to finish his drink he was convinced we were trying to poison him... We thought we had him convinced otherwise, but when he went to the bathroom he ducked into a bedroom and called 911 on us! This made for a fun afternoon... We had the police call his doctor and social worker so they believed us, (or so they said) but they took him and the drink to the hospital "just to be safe"... Aghhhh... They observed him for several hours and tested the drink, nothing.. of course... They wouldn't let us see him during part of this period so he became quite agitated and finally they let my mom in to calm him... Of course by the time we were driving him home after midnight he had no memory of why he was at the hospital at all! Living with Alzheimer's will guarantee you a little crazy everyday, you just don't know what form it will take from day to day...

Thank you Jackie, Cathy M & Carrie for participating in Friday's linky party... The winner of the Maine Maple Syrup is...(drumroll).... Carrie from Wonderfully Sew Knit. It turns out Carrie was one of my swap partners from last spring, so I already have her address! Way to make it easy on me! I'll drop that in the mail this week! Be sure to check her out and come back Friday to see what I have in store for this week!

Thanks for listening,


  1. Wow! I'm sorry you had such a hard weekend with your step-father! Both of my parents died very young so I don't know what's it's like to be going through this...but I can imagine that it is really hard. (((HUGS))) and prayers.

    Hooray! I'm excited that I won the syrup! Thank you so much. :o)

  2. OMGsh-- he called the police on you? Holy cow that takes more patience than I think I can muster.

  3. Oh my goodness!!!

    Hoping the police "get it" so they can be allies if there are any high-jinks in the future!

    Good gravy!

    Remember, comedy is merely tragedy plus time... or so they say.


  4. I love the way you write. A sad and tragic event comes across humorous and witty. You are gifted! I do hope your step father is having a better day. I am sure Cate is excited about her room to be.


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