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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First off, I think it's ironic that the thing I like best about my blog is that it is a place for me to be me. I always type my posts from the perspective that you guys are my friends and we are meeting up for a cup of coffee. What ever I say here is what I'd share during that (almost) daily fictitious coffee date... Those of you who know me know that the "voice" I use here is my own... In fact many of you have said you can almost hear me saying the post out loud as you read it... Do I fit into a category?... I don't know... I don't think I'm a "mommy blog"... I just happen to be a mom who blogs... No write-ups on diapers here, I'm in a different phase of my life... Am I a "christian blogger"? Again I don't think so, my faith is a real part of who I am but it doesn't come up daily in my blog (maybe it should...more on that later) Am I a "humorous blogger" or just some one who is slightly amusing from time to time? I think the later... I am certainly not a decorating, cooking, or crafting blog although a lot of my favorite blogs are and I wish I had more focus to do those things and take time to blog about them consistently... Clearly this blog isn't about my amazing photography skills... So where does that leave me? I don't know, all I know is I love this medium for sharing... I love "meeting" other bloggers and developing "bloggy friendships"... There are a few amazing women who read my blog regularly (heaven knows why) and are so supportive with their comments... I really, really have grown to treasure you all... We don't all blog the same way, we are not in the same phases of life, don't go to the same church, but I feel a kinship with you very much. This blog and you guys has become one of the great joys in my life...

That being said...

(You knew that was coming right?)

 I refuse to let a few bad apples ruin my "bloggy world" or bleed over into my daily life. Apparently there was someone (who shall remain nameless) deeply offended by Friday's post... This blogger not only blasted me in comments and emails, but apparently felt the need to send in her "bloggy henchmen" to comment and email... That is who I'd like to address here... Your comments that got through were deleted and so were your emails... I admit at first I was taken back by the venom and anger, but I refuse to allow a few women who obviously have way too much time on their hands to change me or this blog. Your personal attacks were uncalled for and other then momentarily stunning me, were ineffective. I am truly sorry you don't think the world need "another preachy christian b----"... I'm not sure the world needs your venom filled hatred either, but if I were to accidentally click on one of your blogs in the future I'll do what I do whenever I run across a show on TV that doesn't interest me... I'll hit a button and move on. I admit was momentarily stung by your words and then angered that the attack became so personal... I even considered printing your comments and emails here with links to your blogs hoping you'd feel the sting of my true bloggy friends too, but then I decided to take my own advice... I will not address you again, I am moving on...

Thanks for listening,


  1. Hi Rebecca, It's been a while.. I'm so sorry that you had to deal with this.. You truly replied with grace.. I'm not sure I could have. I pray that the LORD continues to give you strength

  2. Ugh! Well, I'll now have to go and read Friday's "offensive" post. You're right, this is your space--people need to get a life and find more important things to spend their energy on rather than bashing a blogger! And emails too? It almost sounds crazy (why I write under a pseudonym, lol). Good for you that you're pushing those people aside!

  3. Well, I just read it. I think it's a beautiful post, and not just because I'm a Christian. You are going through so much right now, and it's wonderful that you have your faith to help you stand up strong. If some people see that as a personal problem for them, they have too much time on their hands. I don't feel like you came off as preachy at all. You expressed your faith in God. You weren't telling anybody else that they needed to believe as you do. Those people should go on ahead and bash posts on Buddhist and Muslim blogs, and while they're at it, atheist as well, since that is also a belief system based on faith ("I have faith that there's no god even though I can never be certain"). Okay, sorry for all that venting, I just can't stand intolerance. :-)

  4. Big hugs to you and would love to go to Edeilweiss cafe and have coffee with you! I loved fridays post and all the songs are awesome! I too am proud of how you replied, knowing me, I would NOT have been so gentle and kind. Lord, I need help in this area. Amen. have a wonderful rest of this week. Hope your step father is doing better. :)

  5. I read your Friday post, and I have to tell you I was absolutely not offended by it. I'm not sure why anyone would be. I love blogging for the same reasons you mentioned. I'm glad you didn't let the naysayers get to you. Then can be negative and venomous on their own blogs. : )

  6. Oh my gosh! How unbelievable! It IS YOUR blog! I guess there are always people out there who have time to spread hate. I'm so glad you responded the way you did. Much support from this corner of the world! *hugs* (and btw, that might be the least offensive "Christian" blog post I've ever read...then again, I'm probably not the most impartial party :))

  7. "My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials,knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. --James 1:2,3"

    I praise God that you were counted worthy to be cyber-bullied for the Glory of God. You showed the true content of your faith by responding in a more loving manner than your detractors merited. This is your blog. Write about whatever you please.

  8. I really do not get this. Why do people feel the need to do this? No one makes anyone read a particular blog or any blog for that matter. If the content isn't something you like then move along. I always enjoy reading here and good for you for not firing back. It's your blog...write what you want to write about and feel what you feel. Try not to let the negative peeps get you down.

  9. Ugh, sorry you had to go through that. I didn't find anything offensive about that post. If people don't like what you write about, they can always go elsewhere. This blog IS your space, and you should definitely write about what you want!

  10. I cannot for the life of me figure out what could have been offensive about your Friday post. Drop me an email and tell me exactly what the offendee complained about, would ya?

    I really DO feel like reading your blog is chatting with a dear friend over a table and a cup a sumthin'. Honestly Rebecca, I have ADHD or something 'cause I generally skim all 250 blogs I follow, but some reason, I read each and every word you say because it just flows and is so easy on the eyes and the brain. It's a breath of fresh air. Let's go out for a little sumthin', shall we?

  11. I pray that what you wrote on Friday touched the heart of the person that was "so offended" and the only way they could handle it was to lash out in anger. I also pray that over time this person will come to see that this is what happened.

    Rebecca, I've often felt like I was reading your personal journal...the fact that you share these things with us makes me feel like I have been given a blessing. I'm glad to hear that you are going to keep on posting like you always have. :o)

  12. Wow.

    I'm looking for an offensive post. Haven't found one.

    Some people need to Get A Life.

    Rebecca, I so enjoy reading your blog because it's YOU. I mean, I've never met you IRL, and being on the opposite end of the country the chances aren't too good I'll take you up on the coffee, but your blog is Real Life. Your writing has an authentic voice. One that makes me wish I could take you up on the coffee :o) You share the ups and the downs. And you do it without running people down or whining and complaining.

    And it's NOT preachy to tell about your own faith! Good for you for doing it! If I didn't have a solid anchor in God, I'd have gone off my rocker long ago. ;D



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