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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So... I once again need your help... (Look at me... back to blogging one day and I already want something from you!) As I mentioned yesterday, Sparky has a boyfriend... We like him, and we trust her, but our motto has always been "trust but verify"... We believe that communication and clearly stating and re-stating our rules and expectations will help keep honest kids honest.
I met the boyfriend's mom at the football game last weekend and we talked some... Here's my question... Should I send her a "friends request" on facebook? I know where she lives, but in this day of cell phones I'm not even sure if she has a home phone... It seems like it would be helpful to have a way to communicate if necessary other then knocking on her front door. Whaddaya think?

Thanks for listening,


  1. Sure. Why not? I have had many a request from someone with a thinner tie than you have with her. I pretty much accept all requests if I can verifty their connection to me. Sometimes its just a person who reads my blog. I probably wouldn't view it as a way to communicate with her necessarily...more as just a friendly gesture.

  2. I probably wouldn't, but you're far more confident and outgoing than I am.

  3. Hell yes, but let Sparky know first.


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