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One Picture Wednesday...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Since I can never go "wordless" on Wednesday I thought I'd try something new...

This week everyone is kinda down around here.
(See my last post)

So I decided to share this picture from a few weeks ago...
What do you get when you invite over two awesome couples and their kiddos, add grilled burgers and dogs + bright blue cupcakes + a pool with squirt guns + smores around the fire pit?

You get a truly fun night!

Thanks for listening,

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  1. Sounds like SO much fun!

    I always love reading your blog...you *always* make me smile.


  2. Yep, I am totally weird that way. For some odd reason I like to read blogs via email instead of Google Reader or whatever. Not sure why... I guess I am kind of a low-tech gal. LOL Besides I wouldn't dare want to miss a post of yours. :D


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