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Another Run In With The Law...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm tellin' y'all... I'm a hardened criminal... Remember my last big run-in with the law? (you can read it here)

Last night when we got home from youth group we had another run-in... Cate went out on the back deck for a few minutes then Jackson joined her there... I can only imagine they went out there to talk... Hey, this is my story, if I say they were using their mouths for talking, so be it... Anyhow, (Wow, did things just get awkward?)... Sparky being the typical younger sister grabbed the spray bottle of water (that I use to deter the cats from scratching and the occasional teenager from sassing...) off the kitchen counter and decided to surprise them... It worked... Cate let out a yelp and Jackson gave chase, running smack into the screen door. (ouch...) When Cate caught up with Sparky she tickled her on the couch until she yelled "uncle"... They continued to tickle each other for a few minutes until I told the to "knock it off... Something is gonna get broken!" (ok, maybe I raised my voice... you caught me...) Anyhow, fast forward 20 minutes, we are all sitting in the living room mostly talking (wedding stuff) and watching a little TV when we hear a car in the drive way... Jackson sees a white sedan and assumes it is Sparky's boyfriend... Nope, it's the local police... Someone called in a "domestic disturbance" complaint assuming someone was being abused here! (Now, let's rewind... 20 MINUTES! Is that really a good response time for such a small basically crime free town???) As he walked up our porch he could see us all sitting around on the sofa... He looked as confused as we did. When I answered the door he told me why he was here, and (wait for it) I actually laughed in his face... It was so absurd... First of all... a tickle battle between sisters in no way sounds like abuse... It was laughter... Secondly, on any given night we have at least four but usually more teens hanging out here. Boys wrestling in the front yard, volleyball matches in the side yard, tickle fights are not unusual, and at least once a week they sit out by the fire-pit singing and talking... This is a busy household, and that is obvious to anyone who drives by simply by the number of cars in the driveway... Overall we were pretty tame last night... But apparently we party big here in the 'hood...
That's me... Hardened criminal...

Thanks for listening,


  1. at least you aren't in a state where they "have" to take someone in! Yikes!

  2. Too funny! I've been pulled over TWICE driving vehicles that matched descriptions of stolen cars. LOL. So funny when you're totally innocent.

  3. Okay, this seriously made me die laughing! Lol!

    I guess it's a good thing that you have neighbors watching out for you guys...right? Or just really nosy?



  4. Wow! I sure hope it was a NICE and CONCERNED neighbor!

  5. Your neighbors need to get cable or a library card or ANYTHING to keep them entertained because they have way too much interest in your house.

  6. OMG, that is too funny!!!

  7. We had something kinda like that happen to us. I do in-home daycare and I have little boy who if he doesn't get his way he screams, not just cry but ear-piercing screams. One day while playing outside, he didn't get the toy that he wanted and he began to scream, at the same time a teenage neighbor of ours started yelling to shut-up (I think to the daycare kid, but can't be for sure) About 10 minutes later a cop was driving around our neighborhood and the neighbor that called them came over to let us know that he thinks the neighbors (the one that yelled shut-up) was being abusive to a child. I just laughed (and then rolled my eyes) while explaining what happened. I think he may have been a little embaressed to find the cop and tell him what was going on.


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