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86 Days...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Well, as I am sure you have figured by now, my life is totally nuts these days... First of all I can't not mention the weather... Today it is forecasted to be 80 degrees out... In Maine... In March... Unreal!! It is 10:30 and it is already well above 70... Craziness...

We voted last night about a name for my younger girlie's finance' and decided as a family to just all start using our real names. It seems kinda silly that Paul and I do, but that they have fictional names on here... So without further ado...

Meet Katy & Jed....
(Short for Katherine & Jedidiah of course)

And may I introduce Dakota & Allison...
(Ironically, not short for anything...)

My life just got a lot simpler!
(But people who go back and read my old posts will be forever confused!)

Also today, my darling, Katy turns 20! I am waaaay to young to be the mother of a 20 year old, let alone the mother of not one, but two engaged girls. I am not planning much of a party for her since I am spending all my time planning other parties for her! I will bake her a cake and got her sapphire earrings (something blue), so there will be a little frivolity! Her birthday gift from Jed is on hold. A week after the wedding he is taking her on a cruise for their honeymoon and he plans to let her pick out her birthday gift on the trip. His parents are buying her the cowboy boots she wants for the wedding. (One more thing off my list... yay!)

As for the wedding... I have been so stressed thinking about the food. We know what she wants to serve, but the thought of spending days cooking and worrying about the food at the reception was one of the thing I was dreading... I finally gave this worry up to the Lord and declared it would all work out. (I did not voice these concerns to anyone but Paul.) On church Sunday a family we barely know approached us and told us they have a catering business and would like to bless us by catering the wedding for us FOR FREE!!! I mean we will pay for the food, but they will cook it, transport it, serve it, tend it, clean up after, and since they do this professionally we will not need to rent anything (chaffers, etc) for serving the meal other then the dishes! PRAISE HIM!!! Why am I continually awed by his provision? Why do I continually need to re-learn to trust everything to the Lord? I am actually starting to get excited for the big day!

On other Wedding news... Katy and Jed just got their first wedding gift in the mail yesterday. The shower is still three weeks away, and I was tempted to make her wait, but seeing as it was the eve of her birthday and since just an hour earlier they found out that they got the apartment they were really wanting, I decided to be kind and make it a really memorable day...
Doesn't Jed look thrilled? He is actually looking at Paul who I am sure was making fun of him at this very moment...

Pyrex bowls! YAY! (Notice it this one I didn't bother to crop out the mess... Keeping it real folks!) She has decided the Target gift registry is the best invention since sliced bread! You should have seen the look of disappointment on her face when her dad told her she couldn't open the box until the wedding... He said "That gift isn't yours until you seal the deal." He is so mean. I really don't know the etiquette on this, but I told her if she waits until the shower I think she is fine. (Opinions?)

I am also working like a fiend this week to knock as much non-wedding stuff off my to do list as possible. I am making good progress so far! I would like only weeding and youth group stuff on there after this month! (We'll see how that works out!)

Thanks for listening,


  1. haha! I'm laughing because you think you won't be doing stuff......shaking head.....you will be doing something until she walks down the aisle and then you will continue for days afterwards!!!! And then you will wander around wondering what to do and then be horrified at the yard and the house and everything you've neglected. Or maybe not--maybe that's just me! Have sooooo much fun and remember that sleep is for the boring and bored! :)

    1. I know I wi be crazy busy... I just won't be making the food too! Then I wil finish this wedding and have a few weeks before I need to hit the ground running for the next one!

  2. I don't know what the etiquette is, but I opened all our presents the day they came in. I couldn't wait till the wedding. Besides, it gives one an idea of what they are missing so when people call and say what do they most need you can tell them.

    My mom says she is still dealing with leftover messes from our wedding 10months ago. We left many things in FL by accident that still need to make it here to AZ. Plus due to so much family and friends.... lets just say the house was a disaster.

    Have fun with your daughter! I remember when I turned 20 it was so long ago.. haha 2 years ago... I was like "I'm Old" now. I got engaged a few months after.

    Plan some get away where all of you can go away and not stress for a couple days right before the wedding.

  3. When I was a young woman, we always opened and displayed wedding gifts on the dining room table with the card identifying the giver. It gave visiting family and friends a chance to ogle the goods I guess. That may have been a tradition peculiar to my area, family or the South in general. I remember the old Aunts would scrutinize the value of the gifts and make little comments. My Grandmother held up a glass from a set given to me by a Great Aunt and said, "Hmph! When you have your first fight dear, throw these first!"

    1. You are totally cracking me up! You make me wish we had an actual dining room to display them in... I may just give them the kitchen table... It see more junk piles then meals these days anyhow!

  4. Oh I think everyone opens the gifts as they come in and display them.

    My nephew's fiance actually even started using the gifts in their new home because he was already living in it. That's when I would agree with your Hubs. Ha.

    1. Yes, I told Jed (who is moving into their apartment next month) all wedding gifts stay here until the big day... For his own safety... A single guy on his own for the first time is bound to break or destroy items he doesn't know how to use... Heaven forbid he destroy a wedding gift before she even has a chance to use it!

  5. Oh I'm so glad for you with the caterer! What a sweet, awesome gift from your friends! Bless their hearts!

    Even the word "caterer" makes me hungry.

  6. Wait. A. Minute!!! Both girlies are engaged?? How, HOW did I miss that? Well, your life is just one big roller coaster of excitement, now isn't it? I totally wish I could be there to help, because weddings are so fun & people tell me I should be a wedding planner... only I don't think there's a need for it in a town of 1,000 ppl. Sheesh, I am just so excited to be along for the wedding-ride. Yay for Pyrex bowls...with lids! I LOVED my target registry, too. They gave us coupons for chocolate & a discount on registry leftovers. The fun never ends, I tell ya.
    <3 <3 <3

  7. So exciting! And I agree... they're old enough to get married, they're old enough to have their real names revealed.

    (Uh-oh, what does that say about mine, since I've used their real first names all along?!)


  8. Glad you choose to go with their real names. It was making it hard for me to not use them when commenting. :) Opening the gifts as they come in will help make writing thank you cards much easier too. There won't be tons to do when they get back from the honeymoon. Yay for the cruise; that is so exciting.

  9. We didn't take any gifts out of the boxes until we got back from our honeymoon. We kept all our shower gifts at my house(really my parents) and they loaded up all our wedding gifts so we didn't have to worry about them after the wedding. We did take all the cards, really just so we could count all the money right away (well the next morning because,well, it was our wedding night and had been waiting a long time for that). We moved into our apartment the day after we got back from our honeymoon and our parents came over with all our gifts. They watched us open all our wedding gifts and then helped us un-box everything. Now 8 years later, I think it should be a rule that you get showers every 10 years. I have some things that haven't held up the greatest and really wish I could re-register for nicer things. Plus it's always nice to get new things :)

  10. I LOVE the way your catering dilemma turned out! Yay!


    I would like to get married again. I'd pick the same husband, but I would really like a do-over on my registry. Those bowls look fab to me.


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