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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yes, my life has become an incredible emotional roller-coaster... This week my emotions have been all over the place as we have received news on lots of fronts!

But... Before I get to the wild ride I've been on, I just want to thank all of you for your kind comments, emails and in one case phone call after I posted my "Brain Dump" last week... I am a little stressed about money for the wedding, but since we don't do debt, we will spend until the budget runs dry then we are done... It is just how it has to be, and I am a firm believer in "it will all work out"... I am hoping to make as many of her visions and dreams come to fruition as possible, but the rest will fall into the category of "life lessons." I find I don't start worrying unless I start talking to other people and they point out things we are not doing or things we have forgotten... Boo, other people, Boo... If we forgot them, they must not be that important!

We have other big news brewing in our household this week... News that has thrown me yet again for a loop, and I don't know if I am fully recovered yet. This is not something that is public yet, so I am forced to refrain (although I did let it slip to one friend... shhh... mums the word!) from sharing for a bit anyhow... It is good news, and no I am not pregnant...

On the boo hoo front, I found out that my best-est friend in the whole wide world (besides Paul) will not be able to make it to the wedding... I won't go on and on here, since she reads this and doesn't need a guilt trip... I took it like a champ, even tried to re-assure her that everything would work out... I really had my big girl pants on for awhile there... Then I got off the phone and the elastic snapped in those big girl pants and I had a good cry. Paul said you would have thought the only reason we were doing all of this is to get them up here... and I realised I had completely lost perspective... I don't think this was the only reason I was crying... I just think I had reached emotional overload and the only way I could let some of the pressure out was a good, old fashioned crying fit. He loves those! I cry so rarely, that he doesn't know what to do when it happens. I think he would promise to move the moon and stars if I'd stop. Of course being a man, he tries to "fix" it... Isn't that cute... Doesn't he know, you can't fix "overload" you just have to cry it out!

I did get tons accomplished this week on the wedding front, so I will have lots to report to y'all this week... I can't wait to show you guys the shower invites... They are turning out so cute! I just want to leave you with this little gem I found on pinterest this week...

Thanks for listening,


  1. I almost had a meltdown over reception forks this weekend. They bought white! Oh the trauma! Me: did they not have clear? Husband: I don't know Molly got them (yes, passing the buck) Molly. Aka bride: yes. Does it matter? Well, compared to world peace no, but today it really matters! Lol! I got over it. I cant wait to discover what will happen next on this ride!!

  2. Everything WILL work out, and it will be beautiful! I have no doubt that you will pull off pure awesomeness.

    Again, I wish I could help. Sigh. I love weddings. . . . .

  3. Oh my sweet bloggy friend, I wish comfort and peace for you. And a good cry does wonders some times :o)

    I know you know this, but... a wedding launches a marriage. It's easy to forget the big picture when we're "in the zone" of planning the wedding. And who doesn't want it to be magical and wonderful?!

    I know your family has the right perspective. I wish I could put my arm around your shoulder, side-by-side, and help, but from afar... just remember they'll be just as married with or without all the special details you'd like to provide for them, and give yourself some slack :o)

    Excited along with you,


  4. I'm a big believer in 'everything will work out' too : ) Sometimes a good cry helps us to pick up and move on. I'm sure the wedding will be lovely and as long as the bride and groom are there to say I do no one will notice anything undone.

  5. I feel your pain. We had a near miss several years ago with our daughter. I learned a lot through that broken engagement and the lost deposit dollars. When she announced this time, we told her how much we would spend in exact dollars, which would include a "Baptist" reception (cake, nuts, mints, punch.) Anything beyond that would be at her or her fiance's expense.

    You have sweet reasonable daughters. They will have wonderful proms and weddings and you'll look back and wonder how you got through it all! Praying for your peace and joy. :-)


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