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Spring + High School = Prom...

Friday, March 9, 2012

In case all the wedding talk is getting to be a bit much... This is also Sparky's prom season...  Actually the prom is about two months away, but last year we were WAY behind the power curve in finding a dress. Sparky was not going to let that happen again! She started searching month's ago... She knows she has champagne taste and well, I discussed our budget yesterday, so she had her work cut out for her... She found a dress a couple months ago for $480 that she loved... This is it...
She wanted it in a light pink color and it love at first sight...
Of course she knew nearly $500 was out of the question... We want her to have the prom of her dreams, but realistically...
 even if it was in our budget I don't know if I could justify it...

Then last week she found this dress...
I can't believe how similar it is! She actually likes it better!
It is $125.77 with free shipping.
The only catch is it ships directly from mainland China, so it could take a few weeks.
We ordered it tonight!
I can't wait to see her in it!
I'll post pictures!
Thanks for listening,


  1. We started prom dress shopping and then mu daughter's boyfriend broke up with her. Via text. 3 days before Valentine's.

    If I hadn't been so happy they broke up, I would have been really mad.

    So dress shopping is on hold or I'd totally show her that pink one. It's gorgeous!

  2. :) I never did prom, but we did have a V-day Banquet. I actually found the perfect dress at Ross for under $100. The pink dress is beautiful!!!

  3. Such a cute dress!!! Wish I looked like that in any dress.

  4. She will look beautiful in her pink gown. Has she chosen shoes yet? I think pink strapy high heel sandals would look great. I hope she has a great time at prom.

  5. What a deal! I found a similar site that had nice wedding dresses. Please let us know if it meets your expectations and how long it takes to arrive. She'll look terrific in that style and color.


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