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New Digs... With 77 Days To Go...

Friday, March 30, 2012

 A few weeks ago, a couple doors down from a cousin of mine in a small town a couple towns south of us called Owls Head a duplex became open for rent... Katy & Jed fell in love with it at first sight. We have been trying to be hands off with the choice of where they will live for two reasons... One, they have to live there, not us and two, this is an exciting thing for them to do, just the two of them... Our only advice was for them to aim at being at least ten minutes from either set of parents. We had a lot of reasons for that, but most of them I am sure you can guess. After a week of much anxiety on their part, they heard back from the landlord and the place is theirs. Jed will move in soon, and Katy will join him after the wedding (of course) but they are already having a good time picturing their new life in their new digs... Paul, Allison, Dakota and I dropped by they day after they signed the lease to check things out... Here is the grand tour...

Katy greets us at the door...

As you will see in a moment, they have virtually nothing.. But Katy made sure she had this cute greeting for their guests...

Here she is in the living room... It is such a sunny place!
They are not exactly tripping over furniture at this point... Ah, to be just starting out again!

Jed was not as excited with my picture taking... I don't know why he wouldn't strike a fun pose for y'all, but I decided no to torture him further with my picture taking!

Here is Allison and Dakota pulling up a piece of rug...

I caught this moment in the background of one of my other pictures... I asked Allie later what they were so intently talking about, and they were talking about how excited they are for Katy and Jed and how they can't wait to be doing this kind of thing a mere 14 months from now. She thinks at this very moment she was asking him where he would want to look for a place when the time comes, (as I've mentioned before, Mid-Coast Maine, like most of New England is made up for lots of little towns all bordering each other.) and he was telling her that he wants to choose wherever she will be happy, because if she is there, he will be happy... Can I get an "Awwwww"?

Back to the tour...
Here is Katy in her new kitchen...
Yes, she has two dish towels, two small mixing bowls, and a tea kettle she got for her birthday... When people ask me what they need as her shower approaches and I say everything... I mean it!

What I didn't take a picture of was to my left as I took this picture... They have french doors that lead to a small deck and back yard that is bordered by woods... It is really nice and quiet.

Here she is in what will be her master bedroom...
 It's sunny too!

And their guest/spare bedroom...
 With the one of only two pieces of furniture they currently have. The top to a desk we gave them. The other piece is a coffee table they were given... It cracks me up when people ask me what on their registry they really need... I said it before but I mean it... Everything... If you look at some one's wedding registry and they registered for a can opener, it is a good bet they have nothing!

Here is Katy in her "laundry room" or as it will be known until they can afford a washer and dryer... The big storage closet! I will be storing a lot of the wedding mess in this very spot in the coming weeks!

Sorry...Couldn't resist...
She raided my supply of shower curtains to have something to hang up in here... I switch mine out fairly often so I won't miss the one she snagged until late summer... She snagged my extra set of hooks and a liner too... I buy them whenever I see them on clearance and apparently she shops in my bins!

Well, that's the grand tour... Does it bring back memories of your first place... It does for me... I think I may need to drag out the old scrapbooks!

Thanks for listening,


  1. Exciting!!! I remember outfitting our first apartment... *happy sigh* :D

  2. :) Moving into our apartment, was like making our marriage final. I had so much fun!!! We stayed there for 10 months, but We just moved into our first house... There was finally an opening on base. I have had so much fun decorating and finding new things for the home. I am sure she will have tons of fun!!!
    Tell both sets of couples congrats for me!

  3. Oh my goodness it does bring back memories. Ours was a 2 bedroom apartment full of old, hand me down furniture and shiny new wedding gifts.

  4. How exciting! I remember my first place with my husband...it was also a 2 bedroom duplex.

  5. Such fun to be starting out together. My daughter hit Good Will and got a couch and end table. She made slip covers for the sofa and painted the table and it all worked in her first apartment. There is something to be said for making your own way so good for them!

  6. Love the pictures. I am so excited for her. With her good taste, I know she will be a great little homemaker. And with your bargain hunting instincts I am sure it will all come in under budget. :)

  7. Love the pictures. I am so excited for her. With her good taste, I know she will be a great little homemaker. And with your bargain hunting instincts I am sure it will all come in under budget. :)


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