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Cranky with 75 Days To Go... Bring on the Sock Monkeys!

Monday, April 2, 2012

I don't even know if I should be posting... Every time I think about posting today I think about writing about my pet-peeves... Not exactly an up-beat post... Maybe I'll just show you more pictures of the Sock Monkey Baby Shower Allison and I did a little over a week ago... Yeah, that's more upbeat!

You remember this party?

Here is one of the tables...

Here is the look from the door...

And this adorable young thing is the sweetest mom-to-be!

Here is one of the grandma's to be...

Here is the other... This baby will be spoiled...
In a good way!

Here she is opening gifts...

This was Katy's gift bag... I just think it's the cutest one I think I've ever seen!

And let's all agree once again, Babies with stuff on their bums = cute...
Anyone else = weird!

What did we learn from doing this party? That the "backdrop" frames we want to build to create a more visually impactful party setting are a must for non-home party settings. This party is being held in the multi-purpose room at our church. It is the third party we have hosted in this room, and lets all agree, it's dull, gray and a bit cluttered. (go ahead, scroll back through the photos... I'll wait.) We tried to move what we can, but backdrops would help a lot. The frames we are working on are PVC and we will build a collection of different fabric/ribbon/what-ever-else-we-dream-up backdrops... We could also use them to create a canopy of crepe paper or miniature lights, and they will be especially helpful at outdoor parties to define the party space.

Well, that's the sock monkey shower... To tell you the truth, I still want to vent all my pet peeves... I guess it's just one of those days... So yucky, even cute baby clothes with puppies on the bum don't snap me out of it. Perhaps it's the weather... Today it's rained, snowed, hailed, and been (extremely briefly) sunny... Maybe that is the cause of my funk... Maybe not... I'll try again tomorrow.

Thanks for listening,


  1. Hope you're feeling chipper tomorrow... I think we all have those days, especially when we're burning the proverbial candle at both ends, my friend. Take it easy on yourself!


  2. Hope today is a better one . . . full of ZERO pet peeves! :)

  3. Backdrop frames! You are c-r-a-z-y! Clutter in a nonhome environment is expected! Unless the room is especially dirty or cluttered, I'm sure no one sees it except you. But them you do like all the straws to face the same way.....;). Whatever makes you happy! The shower looks really fun!

  4. Well, drat. I always like it when you vent, since you always seem to articulate things better than me, and we usually agree.

    You make things pretty. :-)

  5. I can't stand monkeys but you, my friend, know how to make them look very cute indeed. LOL!! Seeing your shower party pictures always makes me wish I had one for David. Well maybe I will with the next baby. LOL!


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