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The Dull Before The Storm...

Monday, April 30, 2012

...With 46 days to go! (You thought I forgot?)

So this weekend was... Well, dull... In a good way I guess, but dull all the same... It wasn't that I was bored or anything... Here is what we did...

Friday night we did nothing... I know you are shocked to find out I don't have a night life! All the kids were out visiting or on dates, and it was just us here with the 'rents... We decided to use this free time wisely and ate leftovers and watched TV... There was really nothing on so Paul and I mostly ignored it and discussed wedding logistics... (Are you asleep yet? The weekend doesn't get much more thrilling then this so feel free to stop reading any time.)

Saturday I started strong... I was awake by 8:00 AM and decided to clean out all of the lower cabinets in the kitchen... (*yawn) This annoyed Paul as we were planning to go to the open house at the local farm supply store (aka: the Kubota dealer). Here is why I was in no rush... (Beyond the obvious) I knew they were serving "free lunch" and he would never let us leave until we'd had our free hot-dogs and chips, but I also know that there is only an hour and a half of so of things to be seen at these events, so if we got there at 9:00 AM (when he was aiming for) we would have had hours to fill... My goal was to get there at 11:00 AM but this was killing Paul.. (Was he afraid they would sell out of backhoes and tractors before we got there?) So he expressed his displeasure with my little chore by walking through the kitchen repeatedly, looking at the time and sighing...
We finally left here about 10:45 and got there by 11 AM and he didn't miss a thing... Let me set the scene, it was a sunny but COLD Maine spring day... There was a cold wind that probably brought the temperature down to like forty-five degrees... (Fun already) We got there, visited with Dakota and his family (who own a construction company and spent the day doing shed assembly demos.) then walked around for about thirty-five minutes before we joined the long line of people waiting for hot-dogs... Here is the thing, Paul loves heavy equipment... He positively lusts after excavators, tractors, chippers, chain saws, backhoes and the like... He looks at them like most normal men look at Italian sports cars... Here is the other thing... We live in a small ranch house, in a subdivision, on 1/4 acre... We don't even need a ride-on mower! We are not in the market for any of the above, yet he is nuts about them... He knows the new models from last years with a casual glance... For years he has tried to convince me if he owned some small equipment he could make us money taking the little jobs the bigger excavation companies would scoff at... I always tell him to go for it... I'll always back him up, but the answer is always, "Not now... I mean someday." so I kinda stopped listening to a lot of the excitement.
On a side note... I saw on the news the other day that the age of the average American farmer/rancher is 61 years old... I didn't believe it, since I (like you, probably) read The Pioneer Woman blog and see all the young faces... I was wrong! The average age there was probably a little older then that!
Anyhow, we ate our hot-dogs, gathered our farm equipment open house swag... I walked away with a water bottle and a pocket flashlight with batteries! (Please, try to contain your jealousy!) And after buying a raffle ticket and visiting with Dakota's family for a couple more minutes we were ready to go an hour and a half after our arrival. After convincing him we did not need to pop into the John Deere dealer across the street, after all, let's save some of the excitement for another weekend, we headed back into town to grab some last minute food for that night.
Dakota and his family (Who just spent all day assembling three sheds in the cold and wind) were coming to dinner that night. This was an actual invite, not a spur of the moment thing, so I had to rush home and get the house "company clean"... I made bbq pulled pork, hash-brown casserole, and steamed broccoli... and because of the day they had, they showed up, ate, we visited for about an hour or so around the table, then they stumbled home to their beds... I didn't mind... I was tired too... All that deep cleaning will make a woman not want the company she's doing it for to even show up! Don't get me wrong, a pleasant evening was had by all, but I think we were all relieved for it to end.

Sunday we played "hookie" from church. (I know we are the youth leaders... Hey, everyone needs a free pass to play hookie occasionally!) I had a migraine headache, Katy had cramps, Allie overslept and Paul suffered from acute inertia... By noon the girls were up and ready for something so they and the guys went out to paddle in kayaks around Sennebec pond... (Curious? Click HERE) It was slightly warmer today but still windy so they came home exhausted and after a (boring) pasta dinner we hunkered down and watched the movie "We Bough A Zoo" (Cutest movie and child star ever!) and just chilled...

Are you asleep yet? (You should be!) I know that with six weeks left until the wedding, we won't have many more of these "dull" weekends... And even after that, Katy will not be living at home anymore and things will be forever changed, so I as actually really happy we had this one... I love a dull weekend!

Thanks for listening,


  1. Instead of calling it dull how about saying relaxing? That's what it sounded like to me. ;-) Besides in a few weeks you'll be wishing for a weekend like this one. :-)

  2. I'm glad you had a weekend to just "be." It's probably the last one for a while!

  3. Only dull for an adrenaline junkie like you! Sounds like a great time. The storm is coming, and you'll LOVE IT!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend to me, and THANK YOU for putting a name to that malady so many of us have struggled with...

    acute inertia.

    Julie G

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love updates on family life. And good for you guys taking a day off. Cute lay out on your blog by the way!

  6. Personally I love a 'dull' weekend! : ) Ours was similar minus the tractor and wood chippers (my hubs would definitely love a wood chipper!)...I think we are busy people and need to relish the dull weekends!


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