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Pintrest Party...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

(With 45 Days to Go...)

Today I am linking up with my awesome bloggy friend Mindee from Our Front Door for her May Pintrest Party...

Everyone actually does stuff they have pinned and reports back... The good the bad and (gently) the ugly...

I have done quite a few things I've seen on pintrest but have not (like a good blogger should) photographed them all, so today you will have to take my word for today, and I will be a better blogger from this time forward...

The first one we (Allison is my experiment buddy) tried is a chili from ivillage.com 

She picked it out and quite frankly I was dubious about serving chili over potatoes... It sounded so heavy and well, not a texture combo I would normally go for.
I was so, so WRONG... It was very yummy!
First of all, we had to double the recipe as there would be 7 of us for dinner that night. I also changed the jalapenos to green chilies as we are cooking for two senior citizens who live in Maine and have a deadly fear of all things that even could be "spicy"... I don't think this hurt the recipe but it may have shifted down the flavor a notch.
Outcome: Super easy to make (although it did dirty more dishes then I prefer on a weeknight) and everyone in our house loved it and we will make it again. As far as being "Dinner under $10.... It was only $13.63 and we doubled it! (Although the beans were on sale and it would have cost more with the jalapenos)  That being said, under $14 for dinner for seven adults/teens isn't too bad!

Thanks for listening,


  1. Good to know. I like to have some vegetarian dishes on hand just in case. I would have been weirded out by the potatoes too.

  2. I love mashed potatoes so I could see this being good. I'm glad you're joining the party!

  3. Wow. Now I'm feeling all cutting edge because when I'm feeling uninspired I have been known to cook "baked" potatoes (in the microwave) while I heat a can of store-bought chili on the stove, and just dump the chili over the potatoes. But I hadn't thought of using mashed... sounds good, though.

    Whatever works!

  4. Good for you for actually making something you pin. I am sure lots of people never do this. One more reason for me to stay off Pinterest. I hope you will post more of the things you made/make.


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