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30 Days To Go...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How is it we are at the 30 day mark already?

The to do list has more stuff checked off then not checked off,but we still have some big things that are not done. Here's where we stand on the big stuff...

Bride's Attire:
Dress, Veil, & Cowgirl Boots = done
Undergarments & flowers = not done
(How have we let the flowers go so long you ask? Long story, but suffice it to say somebody offered to arrange the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets as a gift and then contacted me last week and can't do it. Katy and I will meet with a florist later this week... Pray we get the bargain of the century since we are already over budget!)

Bridesmaid's and Flower Girl Attire:
Bridesmaid Dresses = Done
Flower Girl Dress = Need to check on, but should be ready
Boots & Shoes = The girl's responsibility
Flowers = See Above
Gifts = We bought them the dresses but I am making them a little something.

Groom's & Groomsman's Attire:
Not my job, but I will be checking in with them soon!
Suspenders: I did get these so they will all match. = Done

About 50% there... I have most of what we need for the centerpieces, the guestbook table and the cake/dessert table. I still need to make the fans for the programs, but we do have what we need. I also need to make the menu/trivia/mad libs cards for the tables. We still need to work out the back drop for the ceremony... We have lots of ideas (darn you pintrest) but need to figure out what we can actually do!

Photographer, DJ, Venue = Done
Officiant = We have one (yay)
Caterer = A couple from church offered to cater (if we buy the food) and I have faith this will work out.

See above...
Menu planned, I still need to buy the food, but we have a plan.
Cake... Not done... Don't ask... My newest stress! (besides the flowers)

Well, that covers the big stuff... There are a million and half little details we need to address... But at least I am sure at this point that we should be able to pull this thing off!

Please keep praying for us...
And if you are bored hearing all this wedding talk... Sorry...
Thanks for listening,


  1. Flower girl dresses are NOT done yet, but please don't stress about us. You can be assured that my MIL and I will have them done before the wedding day ... I promise!!! :-)
    -Allison P.

  2. What's a wedding without a little stress? : ) I'm sure it will all get done and will be beautiful.

  3. Take a deep breath and remember: if, at the end of the day they are married then the rest does not matter. :)

  4. Amen to Mindee ;D But I hope you get it all done as wonderfully as you dream.

    The cake... how about cupcakes?


  5. I've been watching this whole process very closely and taking notes for my daughter's October wedding. The one line that resonates with me most is, "already over budget." I wish we could be there to see the lovely bride on her special day. I trust you will post lots of photos for us to sigh over. Almost there!

  6. You can do it! And remember: sleep is for the weak and you can sleep next month! Lol!


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