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Pintrest Party...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Linking up with Mindee form Our Front Door once again for her Pintrest Party...

You are all going to kill (or kiss) me for this one!

Last night I made these:

From these:

Based on a pin post from Little Bit Funky

And they were so good they should be illegal... Seriously these are a crime in progress!
And SOOOOOO easy...
Seriously, start to finish it took like 20 minutes to make a way too big batch of these...
There were only seven of us here, and I made 16 doughnuts and when I got up this morning there was only one left! (I know I ate two myself... Purely for test purposes...)

I have all the "holes" left to do up in the fridge so I may whip those up tomorrow morning for Paul to share at work... Or I may eat the whole batch... Depends how the morning goes!

I am sorry...

Thanks for listening,


  1. I saw these on Paula Deen's show years ago and have always wondered how they would turn out in real life. Thanks for sharing.

    And yes - linking up your Tuesday post was a great idea!

  2. yum! Those look delicious. did i read in your post that they are calorie free? Yes? I thought so. :) Then I won't feel guilty eating them right after my run. hee hee

  3. I have made these as well - thank you, pinterest - and gained 30 lbs eating all of them ... ;)

  4. Oh good 'cause I just bought to cans of biscuits to try this this weekend! I'm glad you could take the plunge first!

  5. Oh dear... that just looks TOO GOOD!



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