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Pintrest Post Party...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's time to play along with Mindee from Our Front Door's May Pintrest Post Party...

This is our chance to try out some of the ideas bloggers so obsessed over "pinning" on our boards, and to share the results... The good, the bad, and yes, sometimes the ugly. I wanted to do this every Tuesday and Thursday for May, but sadly today is only my second installment. Here goes...

The Test:

repinned from Love In The Oven

I made these Sunday morning before church... We (Paul the girlies, and their guys) were visiting a new church together for the first time, so I wanted to make something nice. I chose this recipe because it seemed super easy (a must for a Sunday morning) and it was. I told the guys to get here by 9 AM and I started at 8:30 and the waffles were ready well before 9:00. In fact I mixed it up, sat and drank my coffee until 8:45 then started making the waffles so start to finish it took about 17 minutes at the most to make 12 of these... More then we six could eat! (the guys cleaned up the leftovers after church, but I didn't get an honest verdict as to how they were hours later.) When I said easy, I wasn't exaggerating... You just take a cake mix, mix it up as directed adding a dash of cinnamon and a dash of vanilla. (Easy huh?) Then instead of syrup you pour a cinnamon roll glaze on them.

The Results: It seems like the blogger was getting paid to promote Duncan Hines products, since it calls for both their cake mix (I had Pillsbury on hand, so that's what I used) and there new "frosting creations" product with cinnamon roll flavor packet. I skipped the frosting because even with a coupon it would have cost over $3.00 and cinnamon roll glaze is simply powdered sugar with a splash of milk whisked together, and I could create it with about .50 worth of stuff I had on hand. I did add a sprinkle of cinnamon to my glaze to make it seem more like the the one in the recipe. The waffles were yummy but cooked up super quick in my new (last October for my birthday) flip style waffle maker... Like cooked in like a minute and half quick... Handy, but once I closed it I could not move, because it would burn. (Trust me on this!) They are also super soft when they are cooked just right, so they are a bit hard to remove from the waffle iron without squishing or tearing them, but a fork and gentle use of tongs worked fine. Don't worry though, they firm up almost instantly on the cutting board. I loved the way they looked in the photo and re-created that look by only filling the center of the waffle iron with batter. They did look super cute on my retro breakfast plates, but the guys felt like they were only getting half a waffle. (I made extras so they got over this disappointment!)

Verdict: These were yummy, but really sweet... More like having a cinnamon roll for breakfast than a waffle. We in these northern reaches are a bit snobby about our real maple syrup, so the glaze was a hard sell for the guys, but the glaze makes them so definitely worth it...They were super duper easy to make and unlike traditional waffles they didn't get soft and soggy if not served hot off the iron. In fact you could probably make up a whole platter of these to serve at a brunch, but I would serve them within an hour of making them. For those of you who pay attention to your per-meal expense listen up, $1.85 cake mix, .22 worth of eggs, less than $1.00 worth of oil and spices, and about .50 worth of powdered sugar and milk for the glaze equalled a total cost of $3.57 to feed six adults breakfast with leftovers! (WOW!) I will most definatly make these again.

Thanks for listening,


  1. Yum! I'm a sucker for vanilla cake mix so this sounds like a triple win to me - delicious, cheap, and VANILLA CAKE MIX.

    Thanks for the idea :D


  2. Oh no! I am the worst hostess ever. I couldn't do my Pinterest post today because of blog issues yesterday that forced me to put up a sponsored post today. But THANK YOU for playing along. I've been curious about this recipe and the kids have been dying to try it so I appreciate all your tips. (I never buy canned frosting either. Total rip off!)

  3. I am also fussy about my maple syrup : ) Waffles are a rare treat around here so when I do make them nobody wants them messed with too much. I do love cinammon rolls though but later in the morning with coffee.


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