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2 Days...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It turns out you don't have to be having fun for time to fly!

So we have only two days to go until the wedding and I don't think I have ever been this busy. I keep wanting to take pictures and show you all the nifty stuff we are up to and then post a thrilling blog post that will dazzle y'all with my wedding planning prowess... But since we are all about keeping it real 'round these parts, there will be no razzle-dazzle until after the event. Every day it seems like I tie up a million loose ends and each tied up loose end reveals more loose ends!

We have an officiant, (Yay!) which is a blessing since the first pastor quit, we went through two more before we found one that has similar beliefs and is free on the day of the wedding.

The weather is forecasted to be picture perfect New England summer weather (Yay), so we are planning to go to the venue tomorrow at the time of the ceremony and test the bug situation... When we were there a couple weeks back we were being ate alive by mosquitoes and black flys. The grass had just been mowed, but Katy doesn't want the bugs to be what people remember about her ceremony, so we will check out the bugs and make the final indoor/outside call.

Katy's future in-laws are trying to give me an ulcer. Since day one they have said they want to help with the wedding but everything they have committed to do (except the rehearsal dinner) they have not done... They are a big source of loose ends at this point. They also keep adding people to the guest list.... AND several of those late additions are children. (You can see our thoughts on this here) Yes, they know how Katy & Jed feel about having kids at the wedding and I didn't know who the people were she was adding, but when Jed saw the names tonight I thought his head would explode. When he called her to tell her to fix it she told him if he wants to "uninvite" them he has to call them... Aghhhh...

The sweet people who agreed to cater the wedding for only the cost of food through a crazy series of events are double booked for the wedding day... It gets better... The other party is her grandmother's 80th birthday party at their home! It was a snafu that has to do with out of town guests and a lost iPhone. I didn't find out until late last week that this was going on... Now I have thrown myself on the mercy of a (fairly new) friend who has graciously stepped in to pick up most of the slack. This particular loose end has brought me close to my breaking point a couple times in the last week, and has made me think I may want to look into getting a few vices in my life... I think I may take up drinking... (no... not really...)  If I know one thing for sure, even if it means getting a part time job to pay for it, Allison's wedding next year will be catered!

So far this week I haven't been to bed once before 3 AM but I think we may pull this event off yet... I have had some really fun, memorable times... Like being invited to the bachelorette slumber party... The girls insisted I be there... It was Katy, Allison, the bridesmaids and myself. It was tons of fun and I will cherish the memories of that night. Another highpoint? A good friend came over to spend the day working on some of the DIY decor stuff for the wedding. She was a massive help, but beyond that we laughed and had a blast while being productive. Also Paul and the guys have been a huge help, rolling up their sleeves and helping do just about any task I ask... Even the ones that involve the use of glue guns or late night runs to Wal-mart to buy some random, hard to find item!

Oh and to make life extra fun, Allison's new kitten came to us with a "cold" in his eyes... We took him to the vet and got goop to squeeze into them three times a day... All better... Until my mom's cat and my cat got it and now the kitten has it again... Yes, I get to squeeze goop into three cats eyes, three times daily... and the love  it! Interesting fact, full grown cats fight more and are stronger then the kitten! I may be wearing long sleeves to the wedding...

Well, I'm off to revise the seating chart to accommodate the latest "last minute" additions and to make about 12 new valet cards to replace the ones I finished at 3 AM yesterday... I know... My life makes you so jealous! I won't be back until after the wedding, but I do promise photos!

Thanks for listening,

PS. I have been dropping by y'alls blogs during this ultra busy time... Usually late at night or when I need a touch of sanity... Since most the time these days I forget to eat and sleeping is a fond memory actually commenting is outside of my ability... Just know I was there and will make up for my lack of comments with extra witty comments in the future... Or not... We'll see...


  1. In-laws can be such a prickly thing to deal with. Praying that all the kinks get worked out! I have this cute little recipe box from Michael's that says "I'm only as strong as the coffee I drink and the hairspray I use." Of course we receive strength from the Lord, but I think there is some truth to that quote. I know I *could* live without coffee, but I'd also like to accomplish a few things in the day... it's totally a necessity and I don't care who disagrees with a breastfeeding, pregnant mom drinking it. I would be a zombie without it.
    <3 <3 <3

  2. Oh Rachel, I wish I could do something to help! Gritting my teeth about the in-laws and the extra invites. My SIL's mom did that before their wedding and she and my bro made HER un-invite her guests.

    But hang in there, my friend. The wedding will be wonderful. You'll remember the best parts and laugh about the other parts. (Who said,"Comedy is merely tragedy plus time"?) And they will be just as married, with or without mosquitoes, caterers, or uninvited guests.

    Full of joy for you all,


  3. Wedding day secret--I went to McDonald's and got a Mocha Frappe on top of the three cups of coffee at home--The day flew by, I talked one billion miles an hour, I ran around the church like a fit person and had a terrific deliriously happy day!

    Try it! Caffeine overload! Oh and I think I only ate items containing sugar! You will have so much fun--enjoy all your hard work!

  4. OMG!! I can't believe it's time for the wedding! Sorry, I haven't had a chance to read blogs lately, but I'm trying to catch up. How exciting, but I know how busy you all must be. It's going to be beautiful!


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