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Prom + Wedding

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

= Nervous Breakdown

We are currently at the 11 day mark to the wedding and things are starting to come together... a bit. But before I catch you up on wedding stuff (later this week) I thought I'd give you a peek at Allison's prom weekend...

Allison had a bunch of her closest friends over to get ready...
The only hitch in the plan? See that girl in purple there? She is actually a hair dresser who was hired by my mom to do Allison's hair for the prom... It seemed like such a good idea at the time, but she was actually the one black spot on the day... She obviously missed her high school days and decided to crash the party... A hair-do we paid her to take an hour to do, took her three hours and it wasn't even what Allison asked for. The whole time she was there she acted really unprofessional and made herself the center of attention... And because she took so long we never got a picture of the girls all together and Katy had to help Allison fix her hair.

But these are really great girls who will roll with the punches, and made the best of an uncomfortable situation. See those smiles? Such sweeties!

Here are some shots of the girls as they left to meet their dates...

I just love girls in prom dresses!

Allison's best friends are the girl in yellow up there and this tiny little cutie pie...
Here she is in a pair of Allison's heels... You can usually find her in dansko clogs or flip flops so it was cool to see her all done up!

Want to know something ironic about this adorable girl? Her mom and I actually went to school together and we were NOT friends... In fact she was my high school nemesis... We could not stand each other... (I am sure you are remembering yours right now.) The truly sad thing? She is not over it... She is incredibly rude to me when ever we are forced together by circumstance... I am as nice a possible to her as much as possible. Also ironic? She married one of my older brother's high school friends who spent a lot of time at our house growing up. We were all friends back then and since he has nothing but fond memories of me in high school he is always trying to get her to give me a second chance... How sad is this? We have all been out of high school for 20+ years!

Here is Allie and Dakota all done up while we were waiting for his parents to get here to take pictures of them...

The other glitch in the prom day was the rain... It poured  rain, most of the day. We had planned for all the kids to meet up at Rockport Harbor to take the group shots again, but due to the rain this just wasn't going to happen...

Then a prom day miracle happened and the rain stopped and the sun peeked out...
We rushed them outside to get a few shots...

Unfortunately while all of us were outside taking these photos my cell phone was ringing like crazy... Due to the break in the weather some of the moms were calling around to get everyone together for the group shots... They were bummed they missed out on those, but they had an awesome time at the prom.
They actually stayed the whole time this year... All of them did... According to them the actual prom is usually lame, but this year they had a good time. They got back here around 11:30 PM to change and head to the "after party" which was hosted by a friend's family who have an indoor pool ( a rarity in Maine) and is chaperoned by parents. The kids are all invited to sleep over, girls on one floor guys on another, but since we had church the next morning Dakota drove them back here and he crashed on our couch.
I have to admit I was very glad Sunday morning that Allison is one of the "good kids" who doesn't drink, etc... As the paper was full of arrests for under age drinking, including one party where there were 22 arrests! There are a lot of kids who might not be marching in the graduation this Friday...

Tomorrow I have to head back down to Portland to pick one of Katy's bridesmaids who is flying home from her father's funeral. He was 55 and died in a head on airplane collision in Virginia on Memorial Day... It is almost too much to comprehend. She has had her fill of sympathy, so we plan to try to just have fun and be as normal as possible. While we are there I plan to eat at the only Cracker Barrel in the state of Maine... I sure miss the food of the south.

I will be back later this week with a full on wedding update.

Thanks for listening,


  1. The color of her dress is gorgeous! I love that hot pink!

    So very sorry for your daughter's friend. That is a hard loss.

    Enjoy these days leading up to the wedding. I was at a bridal shower this past weekend and it was so much fun. We're going to the wedding in mid July and I can't wait. We've known the bride since 2nd grade.

  2. Your sweet girl looks beautiful. And I agree with Joyce - great color!

  3. awww what pretty girls!! (bummer about the self-absorbed hairdresser though).
    And yeah for "the good kids" and for Cracker Barrel too!!!! :) That IS one restaurant we do have in our one-horse town - right off the interstate - very popular.

  4. It's so nice to see a group of kids having some good, CLEAN fun with the prom. The news is always full of the YUCK. Hurray for "your" kids (and friends).

    I've only seen a Cracker Barrel once (Kansas). Have fun ;D


  5. You can do it! The girls look so pretty!


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