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The Post Where We All Agree That I've Lost It...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And by "it" I mean that last shred of sanity that was keeping me from curling up in the corner making motor boat noises with my lips...

Before I get started... Be sure to pop over to "As Jules Is Going" for her 20 Days of Givaways going on right now... And after her giveaway is over, go back and read her blog... "Cause she's da' bomb and is my bloggy friend even though I use terms like "da' bomb"!

First of all... It was shingles and I just lived through a very painful ten days... I pretty much camped out on the couch and the only thing I accomplished was realizing that my couch kinda stinks... I mean that literally... It has a bit of a funk and I was out of ye' ole febreeze... How is it so smelly? It is just over 18 month old!?! I tried hiding dryer sheets under the cushions, but I could still smell the funk... I hate the "dog days" of summer when every thing developed a funky smell... Now in all fairness, I have what my family refers to as "super smell"... I developed it when I was pregnant with Katy and it has never faded... Let me just say, if you are going to have a superpower, smell is the worst possible one! Back to my funky couch... I am feeling much better and the first thing I bought today was the mega-jumbo size febreeze and went crazy with it... Several hours later my whole family was still out on the back deck because the febreeze scent was too strong to be in the house...Yep, I febreezed us outta the house...

Secondly, I still have to pick a date and plan Allison's engagement party... She has been engaged for six months now... Yep, I'm a little behind the power curve there. We all agreed to wait until after the wedding, then after the antique show, but now my only excuse is another case of acute inertia... The thought of planning a party in August makes me want to curl back up on ole' funky (as I called the couch all week)...

Thirdly, I finally made a date to have a "girls day" with a friend whose company I very, very much enjoy... The sad part is that everytime we run into or see one another we say we want to get together... We are both "at home" moms and we both figured out it had been over six month since we did something together (intentionally that is!)... I desperately need a little girl time... I told her I was going to plan our "girl time" and I have a few ideas... I can't elaborate on here, since she does pop in and read my blog from time to time... In fact, if she would just start blogging we could "pretend" we are getting together several times a week... (Hint hint) As it is now, when we are together I have to remember she reads my blog and knows just about everything that is going on in my life. Of course that does make communication really easy...

Fourthly... (Is that a word?) I think we may have found a "church"... Why the parentheses you ask? Well, it's not really a church yet, but a new work that is just starting and hopes to become a permanent church plant... We all (Paul, Allison, Dakota, Jed, Katy & myself) went this last weekend and we all left there feeling fed and wanting more... Everyone of us were hoping the others all wanted to go back. I am actually anxious for the weekend to come so I can go to church, for the first time in a long time! We are all praying, but are all very hopeful that this might be it. (Thank you everyone for your suggestions of churches to try, you guys are all so sweet!)

Lastly, (and this is the one that inspired the title) I am in the process of applying for a job... But not just any job... Teaching science at the small Christian high school where my husband teaches! I know, I've lost it, right?? No, I do not have a degree in education, but at private schools they have a bit more freedom in who they can hire... My "teaching background" is in home school education... I did teach my girlies, Katy all the way through and Allison until 10th grade... The curriculum I'd be using is one I am super familiar with. Seriously, somebody needs to come over and bring one of those "ACME" anvils the Wil E. Coyote was always using and drop it on my head... 'Cause I dun think I've lost it... Why? Because I actually hope I get the job... Because I am actually excited about it... Because I will be really, really bummed if they don't want me... Yep, I've lost it! Craziness aside, please pray that the Lord's will prevails, and that I be satisfied with his answer, wether it is yes or no...

Thanks for listening,


  1. Just had an epiphany (? - is that the right word? like a "revelation"??!): you say you are looking forward to going to church ... I haven't felt that in over a year. Yep, that realization is scary to me. :( Last Sunday I stayed home from morning services because I thought the 2 year old had some nasty diapers the day before (she did - but they weren't THAT bad - probably just teeth - she was acting and eating fine, no fever) ... but I just didn't want to go. Any excuse would do. My husband pretended to understand as he knows I am pretty fragile right now. Good man. THEN I see my pastor at Walmart after the afternoon service (I did go to that) and asks me how the baby is!!! :-O
    Anyhoo - the point is I want to go to church because I want to go!!!!! I hope and pray I get there again.
    Also- I taught German I and II for 4 years as an non-certified teacher at our Christian school and LOVED it!!!!!! Praying whatever is best for you and your family will happen. God's will.

    1. I hate that dread feeling about going anywhere but it really stinks when you have it about church! I will pray for you... Hopefully it is just a temporary funk and you will find the hunger to go back soon... If not... Well, be still (in your mind) and listen and the Lord will let you know what he wants for you and your family... Either way, I am praying for you!
      Thanks for the prayers coming the other way! I just love the bloggy realm where we get to connect with so many sisters in Christ in such a cool way!

  2. Wow! I don't think it sounds like you've lost it--you've got some exciting times ahead! Of course I say that and I dread going back to school Monday! We don't have engagement parties here and I'm glad I didn't have to worry about that! Blessings!

  3. Hmm... no engagement party out here, either. I guess some people do, but it isn't an expected/obligated thing. But if you did it for one daughter, then you want to do for the other ;D

    But, oh SHINGLES, I'm so sorry! My husband has suffered through them as well. Seems like there is some relation with stress, though it's a real, physical ailment to be sure. Hope you're recovering well.

    And yay! It's so good to feel enthused about going to church again. I know just what you mean! When we first started attending our church is what like water on dry ground. Hallelujah.

    And teaching science? Why not?! It's the right time of life, with your girls being launched into their own adult lives. Is the job FT or PT? What's the curriculum? Good luck!


    1. The shingles are the latent chicken pox virus acting not so latent and yes, I do believe stress is one trigger... Especially if you have had it before.
      IF I get hired (and I think that is a big if) I will be part time and using either Apologia (my 1st choice in high school science curriculum) or BJU. It would be a lot of fun to be teaching again and with my little birdie's leaving the nest it is good timing. Another perk is Paul and I would be there at the same time together.

    2. That sounds like a lot of positives to me! We're using Apologia too - LOVE IT. and how cool to work with your husband?!

  4. Sounds as if you are super busy. I would be under the couch just thinking about the wedding plans. My 21 year old son is engaged and planning on getting married next year. I just cringe at all of the details that will need to be attended to. They are saying that they want something very simple & I hope that holds true.

    The shingles sound very icky. I laughed at you running everyone out of the house with the Febreeze.

    I am having mixed feelings about church right now. I cannot seem to find one that I am comfortable at. I believe that going to church means that you are comfortable at the church. I hope I get over this as well.

    Good luck with the job!
    Stopping by from the Friday Blog Hop. New follower here!


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