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A Quickie...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Get your mind outta the gutter... I meant a quick post!
Or my favorite kind of quick post...
A post-it's post!

Click here to see the day trip we are taking...

Click here to learn more about the Common Ground Fair

Thanks for listening,

PS... We have also really dug into wedding planning... We have made some actual decisions... More on that in coming days!


  1. May I go with on your day cruise? "Cruse" -- "cruise"-- same thing. ;)

    1. You bet ya... Meet us on Pier 8 in Boothbay Harbor tomorrow about 9 AM and I'll buy your ticket! :)

  2. So glad you promised pictures and I don't have to beg!!!

    Kind of figured you were adjusting to new responsibilities when the blog 'went dark', and I'm glad to see you resurfacing, even if only briefly.

    But, OOOOOOOOO, wedding plans percolating? Do tell :D


  3. I'm jealous of your lovely Maine coastline : ) Have a fabulous time...I'm sure a break is well-deserved.

  4. I'm jealous, too... of your Fall weather, wedding planning and house cleaning success. This moving business has wrecked my life, in every way possible. :P
    I'm so glad teaching is going swell. New routines can be tough- praying that it's like second nature asap.
    <3 <3 <3
    ps. Have a super fun time with your sweetie!!

  5. enjoy your date!!!! :) and sounds like you are super busy - and had to LOL at the title!!!! :)

    Anyway, wanted to mention I've moved my blog:

    Hope you'll come visit when you get some time! :)


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