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My Classroom...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

These are the pictures I took the day we set up the classroom. I will try to remember to take a few Monday so you can see the changes we've made since then. I really wish I had taken "before" pictures so you could see what we had to work with... A whole lotta nuttin!

Here is my desk and the meager science supplies I was able to scout up from years past... 
 Keep in mind, that when I was hired we had two long tables, chairs and not a lot else for this classroom... River (the are teacher) and I put our needs out on facebook and everything else you see in this room was donated within a week...
Teacher's desks, desk chairs, shelves, tables... All of it...
Now granted, we donated the two metal shelf sets and two brown top tables... (Thank you 40 bags in 40 days sort!) But everything else was donated by the kind people of our community.

Look at all my text books that were just waiting to be claimed by students... The good news is that we actually had to order more after this picture was taken... Last year they had like 8 full time students and this year we have 13 (I think, plus a couple part-time home school students who just take a class or two)... It is very exciting to see the school really start to take off.

Here is the view to the "Art" end of the classroom... Remember the day we set up the art teacher started to not feel good... So her end of the room was pretty blank, but she has since set it up...
Yes, she gets the "blue" end of the room... The blue wall was already there, but I was thinking about painting my end wall a complimentary green color... What do you think?
Also, I think it's kinda cool that the kids face one way on science and health days and spin their chairs around for art... It almost makes it like two separate classrooms! (Almost...)

I am still working on my 40 day whole house sort... I actually have some before and after pictures for you, so pop back by in the next few days and prepare to be... Well, hopefully at least mildly impressed! In case you were wondering... I dropped off my 44th bag at goodwill yesterday... BUT the sort goes on... I wonder what number I will end on??

Thanks for listening,

PS. On a sad side note, when I asked the kids to cover their science books I asked them to use "the paper bag method" rather then a "book soc" since it is my experience that the Apologia books are too big for even the extra large ones, and it doesn't really cover it... This request was met by blank stares and one 11th grader in my first period class actually said "How is putting it in a paper bag going to protect it?" What!?! You mean these kids have no idea how to cover a book with anything other than store bought book covers!


  1. Have fun this year. It looks like you are off to a good start. I'm thoroughly impressed with your decluttering adventure! It seems crazy that you began that with school starting but I have discovered that the more you have to do, the more you can get done!

  2. oh, how I remember covering my books with brown paper grocery sacks back in my school days and decorating them!! Fancy pre-cut/sized book covers were coming out as well - but I loved brown sack covers! :)

    Love the classroom and love it even more that so many came together to make that classroom happen! :) And yes, I vote for the green wall. :)

  3. Ha! Looks like you will be doing a little crafty project with them ... how to cover your textbook with a paper bag! FUN! Love your classroom!
    -Allison P.

  4. I love the alternate-direction-new-class concept! Works for me :D And what an awesome transformation. Love the idea of painting your wall to accent. At least YOU get to face the blue wall !


  5. Hello,
    I really appreciate your comment on my blog and your support. I will try some of those finger sucking tactics. I feel like Lauren will be 17 till it stops. I have bribed her with gifts but she loves her two fingers. I will keep trying it is maturity and she seems to be doing better. Thanks for leaving a comment I appreciate it!


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