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Useless "Rebecca" Trivia...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I was planning to type a post but first I logged onto Facebook and was innocently reading a friend's post that had a list of things I didn't know about her... I didn't read to the end and hit "like"... Next thing I know I got a message telling me my # is 15... Huh... Turns out I now needed to tell everyone 15 things you may not know about me... Tricky since my life is an open book... Since it took me so long to type this I decided to copy it and paste it here for you guys too... 

Here goes:

1. I was born in Germany (dad in military) but left at 18 mos. old and have not been back... I have both a German and American birth cert.

2. As I child my mother picked the nick name Becky for me but I HATED it for as long as I can remember and switched to being called Rebecca as soon as I could pull it off! (Becky just never suited me...)

3. Paul and I got engaged after knowing each other only a week... We eloped... I was 18, he was 24... I have been married over 22 years to him!

4. We have lived in six different states, Tennessee, California, New Jersey, Montana, Maine & Vermont... Maine & Tennessee twice!

5. I was Saved (Born Again) at 18 and my life has never been the same... I was a crazy, party girl and over night my heart was changed. I shudder to think what my life would be like without the Lord in it!

6. I developed a shellfish allergy by eating too much of it over my 40th birthday week... In the year since it developed it has only gotten worse and I can't even touch it! (I live in Maine... So Unfair!)

7. I am happiest when I am busy, but I frequently allow myself to become too busy and get overwhelmed and want to just hide at home in my jammies!

8. My favorite thing to do besides taking care of and loving on my family is throwing parties and entertaining.

9. My second favorite thing to do is give gifts... This could explain my all out crazy love of all things Christmas!

10. I have no fear of public speaking and even though I am extremely self conscience about how I look, as soon as I start speaking I forget all of that. 

11. People either find me hilarious or not funny at all... There is little in between and I frequently become friends with the former and am very cautious of everything I say around the latter because as soon as I let my guard down around them is when I get misunderstood and in trouble.

12. Even though I am creative, I am not at all artistic and have a difficult time understanding artistic people... In fact I tend to be an extreme realist, and this complicates things... On the same thought, when people beat around the bush and don't just come to the point is my BIGGEST pet peeve. 

13. I started getting headaches from squinting on sunny days as a teen and as a result I am RARELY without sunglasses... Even at night or on cloudy days... They are ALWAYS on my head just in case I might need them. It has kinda become my signature look and even my girlies have given up trying to get me to leave them at home. 

14. At 24 I got EXTREMELY sick and almost died from a severe lung disease. As a result I was in bed for a year and on the heart/lung transplant list, but miraculously I got better... So much healthier in fact I got dropped from the list. There is no medical explanation for me to be alive, let alone healthy. Although I do have some long term side effects I have very little trace of it.

15. I am extremely loyal and once my friend, always my friend... I have friends all over the country that every time we talk it's as if no time has passed and who I would do almost anything for... I am extremely stymied by disloyal people and don't know how to deal with them and am always blindsided by them.

I promise my next post will be about what I'm up to now... 

Thanks for listening,


  1. I KNEW you were great at throwing a party, and decorating; (skills I do NOT possess.) My heart breaks for your shellfish allergy. If I ever get to come to Maine, and we get to go to that amazing seafood place you featured one time, can I have your share of the shellfish? Can I be shellfish selfish?

    I'm glad God intervened with your illness. Looking forward to catching up with you on your blog.

  2. Not at all useless... since this list was very entertaining to me very early this morning. I find you hilarious and I love your creativity. I love you and I hate your shellfish allergy! {That is so sad.} Maybe one day God will miraculously heal you in that way, as He is obviously capable of doing great things in your life.
    <3 <3 <3

  3. I'm in the camp that finds you hilarious (when you mean to be - not in an I'm-laughing-AT-you sort of way!) Thanks for the inside scoop :D


  4. #14- crazy! What a miracle! I loved your list. I might have to steal it soon! :)


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