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Getting Over Myself...

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Like most direct sales companies Mary & Martha offers an "incentive" trip each year... You always hear about women who earn these trips but after being in several direct sales companies I had come to believe that only the "top" performers ever go on these... Since I an not now nor have I ever been able to be even close to a top performer in direct sales I should have scaled back my dream. But when Mary & Martha announced the trip to Los Cabos, Mexico in August I was hooked! I was hooked, but it wasn't looking good... You see, I have an teeny tiny little team and even though I have (though sometimes miraculous means) been able to be consistent with my sales my team has not, so getting the "paid as a leader" bonus has been off and on. (More off then on, if I am being honest!) 

BUT, just before the trip to Texas I did the math and with the double PV* (*see below)it was doable... I needed about $2000 PV* and I had 5 gatherings left in January... I was so excited, I thought it was in the bag. Then the flu hit our area... Hard! Before I even left Texas I was down to three gatherings... Harder, but still doable. By the time my plane touched down in Maine I was down to two... Challenging but not impossible... "I" could do this! I was clearly missing the point because in the next 48 hours I lost those last two gatherings and not even because of the flu... They just cancelled... "I" was defeated... 

(*Direct sales lingo for they are doubling our sales in January... "PV" is personal volume... Sales before tax and hostess rewards.)

For about 24 hours I had a pretty good pity party, then after some wise words from my husband I went to the Lord and spilled my heart out. In that prayer I was able to see my sin... It was once again about all "Rebecca" could do... Through HIM all things are possible, not through Rebecca all things are possible. I prayed and prayed and told the Lord I was willing to do the work if he would open the doors.

I reached out to some wise women I met in Texas at the Leadership conference for help and I kept praying. $2000 in sales and NO gatherings seemed beyond impossible but I thought... What do I have to lose? Through some advise I scheduled some W.O.W. (within one week) catalog parties... I must have called 30 people to get TWO to agree to do them. 
(Although my Feb & March are looking great!) Then I lit up Facebook trying to get sales... Posting daily what my goal was... Sometimes hourly!

Through the grace of God, as of last night those sales and party totals put me over the $2000 mark!!!! I passed the goal last night AND those parties are still going until tonight!!

Thank You Lord! There is no reason for this leader of a tiny team to do it... Let's face it "I" couldn't do it!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!

Thank you for listening,


  1. Congratulations - and praise the Lord!! You'll definitely enjoy that hard earned - and God blessed - trip!

  2. I'm so glad it worked out!! yay!!! I hope you have a fantastic trip with your sweetie, too!!
    <3 <3 <3


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