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Blessed Beyond Measure...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When I first promoted in Mary & Martha I had to name my team...
One thing kept coming to mind.
We are team "Blessed Beyond Measure" 
Because I am in fact, blessed beyond measure!

(found by a friend... One of my many blessings!)

So today I will count just a few of them...
(In no particular order except the first one!)

I am blessed to be a daughter of the one true King!!

I am blessed to be married to this amazing man...

Photo taken this past August on a day cruse we took on this schooner

Yes, I am blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

I get to be called "Mom" by these amazing girlies! 

One of whom blessed me with this son-in-law & baby...

Lets take another look at that last blessing... 
The one who will call me Gigi when she learns to talk!

Can you believe she is SEVEN months old already!?!?!?

I am blessed to be able to help support my family with a business that allows me to talk freely about blessing #1 on this list...

Because of this business I have made new friends and strengthened friendships that have made my life so full and rich! 

Then there is YOU... My bloggy friends! I say I am afraid I chased you off with my poor blogging habits and you guys comment, email and Facebook me all day to reassure me you are still there! I do not deserve you!! 

I could go on and on but seriously, isn't that enough!?! 
I didn't even touch on our cozy home, other miraculous income sources, abundant food and provision, and the fact that the Lord doesn't just supply our every need as he promised but supplies much more then our fair share of our "wants" too! 


Thank you for listening

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  1. Hurray for counting your blessings and THANK YOU for baby pics :D



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