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Brain Dump...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So I just have a lot of random thoughts and such floating around in my brain so here is where I air them out a little...

Cabo may not happen... I know... I worked SO HARD to earn that trip, but here is the thing, I made a rookie mistake. I didn't earn it at a high enough level for Paul to go for free so I need to pay $800 for him to go... By FRIDAY!!! Unless the Lord works an amazing miracle in the next 48 hours it's not going to happen... That's the bad news, the good news is I can take a cash payout instead of the trip and with that, the $800 we were planning to use (but just won't have in time) and the cost of the airfare we can go on a really nice trip in April by ourselves... In fact I have been pricing trips and we can go just about anywhere on what we have... So now's the hard part... Where do we go? (Suggestions of nice places to visit in April would be VERY WELCOME! We have batted around Seattle, London, Ireland, Hawaii, Texas, a cruse... When you can choose nearly anything it can be overwhelming! 

Apparently people do not want free stuff from me... I am doing a giveaway here on my blog for some free Mary & Martha Coffee & a mug and hardly anyone wants it... As of typing this my stats say over 200 people have viewed that post (I promoted on FB too) but only 6 people have commented... I must not be a very good sales person if I can't GIVE stuff away! 

We are cleaning out from our THIRD snowstorm in the past week!  It was only about 6 inches this time but being the third time in a week I have awaken to this is getting a bit much:

It is pretty though...

But since both the previous storms were so hyped to be HUGE and were both less then forecast I am afraid I am starting to get "Media Blizzard Fatigue"... It's a new ailment that came out with the naming of winter storms! 

I have been having a lot of migraines lately and they are really starting to impede my productivity... I don't know why I can't just get one at a time, why I have to get them in clusters but such is life. I have so many "identified possible triggers" I would have to live in a bubble to avoid them! Thankfully I have an amazing husband and daughters and they frequently pick up the slack for me!

I need to do another sort and clutter reduction... Aghhhhh... Those of you who have been reading my blog awhile remember just about two years ago I did one! So what happened? Well, working outside the house I got lazy about staying on top of clutter... It's the typical story, we have been bringing in more stuff then we have been taking out! Last spring we did a whole house spruce up... We had every room painted and new flooring in every room... I used that opportunity to make a bunch of changes... New furniture in the living room, kitchen & our bedroom... We did give Katy & Jed a lot of our hand me downs furniture wise but since the paint, carpet and flooring guys were here back to back and over a short period of time so EVERYTHING had to be packed and moved to the basement. My parents have definite pack-rat type habits... The room they used as a den and their bedroom were so over filled the boxed contents literally filled half the basement. Since my step dad could only take limited "stuff" with him to the nursing home and since my mother's room has to be wheelchair accessible 85% of it remains down there... Add to that all the stuff that I didn't have room for with the new furniture and/or I just didn't want in my new spaces you have an overload... The big stuff I think I can sort through quickly once I get down there... It's all the bits & bobs and such that you need but don't always have a spot for that are the most challenging... I need to get some shelves down there and some bins but in order to make room for them I need to move the stuff that needs to be sorted... Aghhh... Vicious cycle! 

I need to go start dinner... Another vicious cycle! 

Thanks for listening,


  1. Ahh, yes dinner...definitely a vicious cycle : ) I didn't see the giveaway, I'm so behind in reading blogs. We've got freezing rain here today which is less than delightful.

    Anytime is a good time for London, just my .02. What do you like to do? Nature or city? Beach or history? I have all sorts of suggestions, but need some parameters.

    1. We are not beach people... We like to explore and have the freedom see things on our own terms, but are not opposed to "inclusive" type trips. Before we visit somewhere we usually plan and research fairly heavily so we try to knock out all the touristy stuff in the first day or so then explore other areas after that. The biggest thing is neither of us really want to drive either to or when we reach our destination... So urban areas might be the ticket... London has been near the top of the list of locations we'd like to visit! (Paul has been, I have not been since I was too young to remember.) History & shopping tend to win out over beach & nature (which is what we have plenty of here!)
      Any suggestions of where and even agencies to use would be welcome!

  2. Hmmm, now I'm feeling GUILTY for not entering the giveaway (!) but since I don't drink coffee I thought I'd "stand back" and let someone who loves their coffee win :D

    Your getaway... hmmm... Kerry and I went on a cruise for our tenth anniversary (nearly ten years ago - crazy!). We had a fun time, though I'm not all hyped up to go on another one. The nice thing about a cruise is that everything is paid up front (except booze and souvenirs) - which totally freed my miserly heart up to have FUN once we were on vacation. Also - no driving :D What you get depends on where you cruise (beaches, weather, sights, shopping, etc.) We went with Royal Caribbean and had a good experience.

    Is there some reason the trip has to be in April? I'm just thinking in terms of weather at various destinations. But then, if you're more into history and shopping, weather might not matter so much. How fun to have a chance to plan something!

    And oh boy... good luck cleaning out and sorting. Was it from you that I got the idea of the 40 bags of Lent?


    1. April because that is when our anniversary is and because after all these years I know if I don't seize the moment it will pass, something will come up and the trip will never happen. We are scheduled to go in April (as that is when the Cabo trip is) so in April it shall be! :)

      We are seriously discussing cruises so thanks for the tip!

      Yes, it was me who did the 40 bags in 40 days...Alas, I think I need to do it again!

  3. I think Sunny Island! Although we have lots of beach & nature (& whales in April), we also have shopping, fancy dinning, plenty of spas (fishing, if your sweetie is into that sort of thing), etc... It may be a lot like Maine, although I've never been and I haven't watched Andre in years. It's more of a hippie community than fishing. There's lots of random stuff... like a camel, zip-lining, alpaca farm, & endless lavender shops/farms. There's lots of highly rated B&B- if you're into those types of settings. Is whale watching too nature-y? The thing I love most is how peaceful it is. It's not too bustly (as there's not too many people outside of summer months). It's quiet & relaxing. (if you don't live with a 1 & 2 year old... then it's kind of loud... *kinda*)

    I need to do the 40 bags thing, too! I'll have to look up those posts.
    <3 <3 <3

  4. Sorry about the vacation dilemma ... but in the end, you get a vacation somewhere, right??! So, that's good. I can't even fathom choosing a vacation right now so anywhere away sounds great to me ... good luck deciding and dreaming!!!

    Glad I entered that giveaway - so my chances for winning are GOOD?!?!?!?! LOL (sorry, but hope you can get some more promotions out!).


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