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And The Winner Is...

Friday, February 21, 2014

My first Mary & Martha Giveaway is officially closed...

To determine the winner I assigned each entry a number based on the order they entered in... I then took those numbers and used the random number generator... It came up with the number 11...

Congratulations Conny from "The Live of an Ordinary Hausfrau"
Conny, Go to www.RebeccasBlessedHome.com and pick your coffee blend. 
Next email me your choice, shipping address and email at highmaintenanceaspirations@yahoo.com & I will get your coffee and mug on it's way! 

Now for a some pictures of my sweet Grand baby who turns 8 months old today!!! 

These were taken by Allison the other day when she spent the night at Katy's house... Apparently this sweet baby was thrilled to see her Auntie in the morning...

Doesn't that face make you smile!

Thanks for listening,


  1. She looks like a happy girl! So cute!

  2. OH WOW ... I am tickled I won!!!! I will do what I need to after I have finished doing my taxes (which is what I'm SUPPOSED TO BE DOING instead of reading blogs!!).

    And also, YOUR grandbaby - oh my soul!! So cute. AND I immediately recognized that dress!! It was one my favorites that my daughter also wore!!! Look here:

  3. Your granddaughter always looks just delighted by whatever is happening - such a cheery little girl!



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