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Guess My Vacation Givaway...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Okay...  By now I am sure you are all tired of hearing about our vacation planning, but you have stuck with me and now you shall be rewarded! I will reveal the three finalists in our trip hunt... Tell you the pros and cons about each destination then let you guess which one we picked! I will come back Monday and reveal the destination and the giveaway winner!

First, let me tell about the locations...

Location #1: A 7 Day Bahamas Cruise on Carnival Cruselines departing from Baltimore, MD... 

1) All Inclusive (& budget friendly).
2) Air Fair is reasonable since Baltimore in fairly close.
3) I  like Baltimore as a city to visit so it would feel like a mini-vacation before the actual vacation.
4) I have never been to the Bahamas so it would be all new for me.
5) This destination is the closest to being like the trip to Cabo I earned.

1) The upgrade to the room that wouldn't make us feel like "cattle at sea" makes it less budget friendly.
2) We'd actually fly home from Florida so we'd be buying two one-way tickets vs one two-way one.
3) We are not "beach" people... Not tropical beach people anyhow
4) "All Inclusive" when it comes to cruises actually means "partially inclusive" so again a hit to the budget.
5) We have promised the girls we'd take them on a cruise so it kinda feels wrong to go without them. 

Location #2: Seattle & Friday Harbor

1) Paul has always wanted to go to Seattle (I went there for work several times back in the 90's but we never made it together.) 
2) There is A LOT to do and see and we can do it on our own terms and in our own timing.
3) This trip would be a combo of both urban destination & relaxing rural destination.
4) I have never been to the San Juan Islands so that would be new, plus we'd would plan to get there by float plane and that seems like just enough of an adventure for me.
5) The Hotels in this city are just amazing and there are so many to choose from... From funky boutique ones to ones to classic luxury hotels and everything in between.

1) Not at all "inclusive" so we'd be reaching into our wallets all day, every day... (I know I have mentioned how much Paul enjoys that!) 
2) See those lovely photos of Friday Harbor up there? I could have just have easily slipped in a local picture... It seems VERY similar to a west coast version of where we live.
3) The pacific north west is not exactly known for being sunny all the time (if you catch my drift) and we'd be visiting in the spring... (April showers bring damp vacations!) 
4) Flying all the way across the country is kinda pricey and planes are not made for plus size people so we'd have a fairly uncomfortable time getting there.

Location 3: Little St. Simmons Island, Georgia
(I included a link since I am sure right now you are all going, huh???)

1) Truly ALL INCLUSIVE... Everything but the airfare is included! (EVERYTHING!!)
2) The airfare is fairly low since it is just a flight to Atlanta and a small skip to a local airport. 
3) Privacy galore... Only 32 guests at a time on the whole island MAX! (That means the entire 7 miles of sand beaches are basically empty... I could be a beach person for an empty beach!) 
4) You get to 100% set your own schedule and the staff at the resort are there to make it easy and fun.
5) Unlike other resorts, it is all casual, all the time... No jackets & ties for dinner, no fussy anything.
6) You can either stay in your own little cabin or in one of a few lodges with just a few other guests.

1) "All Inclusive" is not cheap and to stay in your own cabin you will be paying for it.
2) The more affordable lodges have a B&B feel, as do the family style meals & Paul does not enjoy B&B's
3) Our family actually owns a cabin on an island; albeit a much more rustic one that we can use for free, whenever we want.
4) We live in a low population rural place and as introverted as Paul is, even he want to "do" something on our trip. 
5) April is kinda between seasons there, so nature wise there wouldn't be much to see.

So that's it... Do you think you know where we chose? 
I would caution you not to rely on length of  the list but to really read the content of the list... It could be just one "pro" or one "con" that tipped it in favor of that choice. 
Also, in the interest of full disclosure... There are people I want to visit at the particular destination we chose. (Not much of a hint since I have friends & family in all three states, but this one tipped us over!) 

Okay, now for what YOU will win...
See that cute basket down there?

How useful would one be? 

They come in 3 different sizes and I love, love, love mine!

The winner will get to CHOOSE one... Any size! So you will get to decide which one suits you best! 
If you'd like the set you can order them from here!

To enter you must guess where we chose in the comment section below. 
You do not have to be right to win, as I will select any comment at random! (I just like comments!!) 
I will do this Sunday night and reveal the winner and our destination on Monday (3/10/14) 
You will need to check back or provide an email address for how to contact you.
Giveaway open to those in the the 50 US States only as that is the only places Mary & Martha ship to and so you could not receive your prize! 

Extra entries:
1. Like my Mary & Martha Facebook page {Click HERE} and come back and say "I like you... I really, really like you!" (Or just "I Liked it") but just be sure to come back and post so you can get credit! 

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That's it guys... Thanks for playing along!

PS. I have tried to keep fairly mum on the destination, but did spill the beans a little to one of the people I plan to visit... And that person does pop over here from time to time, so this message is for you (you know who you are!!) Since you don't have to guess right to win you can still enter, but don't give it away that you know for sure!! Thanks!!

Thanks for listening,

(all photos from Google Images)

Attention: For some reason I have had a few people try to comment then come back and it's not there... I am currently troubleshooting this but if this has happened to you or happens to you please email me at highmaintenanceaspirations@yahoo.com and I will be sure to enter you in the giveaway!


  1. Oh my. The Georgia vacation sounds effortless, however I am pretty sure you may not play it safe and go for big adventure in... SEATTLE & FRIDAY HARBOR!
    P.S. I LOVE that basket.

  2. Hmmm. I know you love your girls and what's a vacation without the entire family??? My guess is a family cruise to the Bahamas! :-) -Allison P.

  3. meagan rackliff6/3/14 2:49 PM

    Im going to say cruise for the kids.

  4. meagan rackliff6/3/14 2:50 PM

    Liked your page :)

  5. Hmmm.... I still think Disney should be on the list, but to each her own!! ;) ha ha ha!!!

    I'll say.... Cruise! - Carissa

  6. hmmm... all three destinations include islands, so that makes it harder. I'm guessing Seattle. If you've never seen the sights, you can't help but wonder if you've really lived. Have you watched the fishmongers at Pike's Place, squeezed in for so-so coffee at the original Starbucks, smelled the patchouli and urine wafting from every alley? Well, if you haven't... then you really haven't lived! And hopefully if you visit Seattle, it DOES rain. If it's raining hard, you can't smell the stench as strongly. That being said, there are some wonderful shops & delicious restaurants! If you do end up in Seattle, The Spanish Table, The Polish Pottery Store, and the Cost Plus World Market are some awesome places to stop by. Hopefully your sweetie will buy you a gorgeous bouquet of [surprisingly affordable] flowers from the Pike's Place florist.
    <3 <3 <3

  7. I like you... I really, really like you!
    in real life... and on facebook.
    <3 <3 <3

  8. And I joined your e-mailing list.
    <3 <3 <3

  9. Oh wow... I'm guessing Georgia, but I'm hoping Seattle/Friday Harbor, because that's close to us and I would so seriously drive down and meet you (if that didn't disrupt you-and-Paul time).


  10. From AA in Bozeman, MT: Through process of elimination I select the cruise.
    (Comment from email due to malfunction)

  11. From AA in Bozemand, MT: I "like" you!
    (Comment from email due to malfunction)

  12. From AA in Bozeman, MT: I get your email newsletter.
    (Comment from email due to malfunction)

  13. From MC in Warren, ME: I guess the cruise with the whole family.
    (Comment from email due to malfunction)

  14. I'm going to guess Seattle!

  15. I'm guessing Little St. Simmons Island, Georgia.

  16. Tweeted you - https://twitter.com/ilovetoclap/status/442810170893025280