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Hodgepodging My Way Into Summer...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I am linking up with Joyce today for her weekly Hodgepodge!

1. Since you weren't Hodgepodging last Wednesday, how did you pass the time?

Last Wednesday... You'd think I'd know off the top of my head but I have to stop and think... Oh wait, Allison and I drove up to visit a friend in Winterport (about an hour north of here) and went out to lunch at an amazing BBQ place I read about in here:

It is called 4Points BBQ and you can read the article here...

When we got back from Seattle/Friday Harbor I decided to start buying the local magazines and exploring our neck of the woods more...

Another Maine magazine, Downeast Magazine is literally written about two miles from my sofa in my own town and is full of all kinds of things to do and see so I have no excuse! 

2. What's the first word that comes to mind when I say marriage? Yes, one word.


3. Summer officially arrives in the Northern hemishpere later this week. Does it feel like summer where you live? Describe your idea of the perfect summer day.

Yes, it finally feel like summer in mid-coast Maine! Yay! 
Here is what summer looks like here:

I'd say this photo just about sums up my perfect summer day! 

4. "Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability."(Sam Keen) Is laziness ever respectable? Do you have a lazy summer planned, or something semi-ambitious?

Here in Maine it's when we get stuff done because these are long periods in the winter when we kind of hibernate... That being said, we did live in the south for several years and that quote brings to mind the oppressive heat of summer when sitting on a porch, sipping ice cold sweet tea in the late afternoon is one of life's great joys...
I have a busy summer planned but I do intend to take many Sunday naps! 

5. Past or present, who's your favorite television dad? Why is he a favorite? Is he anything like your own dad?

I don't know... I dislike the way most TV shows make dads look like a joke... None come to mind...

6. June 18th is International Picnic Day...share a favorite picnic memory.

When the girls were little our home school group would meet in a little seaside park every Friday for lunch throughout the entire summer... Some of us were there most weeks and some would just stop in occasionally but I loved packing a picnic, chatting with moms, and watching our kiddos play in the park or down on the shore. 

7. The travel site Trip Advisor lists the top five islands in the world for 2014 as-Ambergris Caye in Belize CayesProvidenciales in Turks and CaicosBora Bora in French PolynesiaMarco Island Florida, and Lewis and Harris in The Outer Hebrides (Scotland). Have you been to any of these? Of those listed (and if price were not a factor) which would you most like to book for a holiday?

I've never been to any of them but if I had to choose one it would be Scotland since I have always wanted to go there!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

The article "The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying" by Scott Dannemiller made me re-think something I do say a lot...
You can read it HERE


  1. There's a magazine published in Iowa, called Our Iowa, and they always have the most gorgeous pictures from around Iowa. I do enjoy the articles too, but I love seeing the beautiful sights of my state.

  2. Oh, I love, love your state! Hubby and I cruised through your area 3 years ago and now we want to come back by land and stay a few days. So, so lovely!

    Thanks for sharing the article, great, great food for thought!

    Happy mid-week!

  3. Ah yes, that photo does sum up a perfect summer day! I want to crawl inside the picture!!!

  4. Gorgeous photo! As seasoned movers we've learned to explore whatever area we're living in to the fullest. We laugh at locals who've lived all their lives in places and had no idea 'you can tour the capitol', etc. Carpe Diem!


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