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Hot Cocoa...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I hosted a team meeting the other night for my Mary & Martha team and the theme for the night was "Raising the Bar" so I decided to do a Hot Cocoa bar. I took a few pictures so I thought I would share them on here! 

It was super easy to put together using my Mary & Martha items, stuff I had around the house and about $70 of candy & paper products. Not bad for a fun night and there is literally enough left over to do another one with out having to buy a single thing! 

These little tags were from the scrapbook section of my local craft store and I used a white paint pen to get the chalk board look I wanted.

I found the red burlap table runner at my local TJ Maxx/Homegoods store for $12.99! I didn't take a picture of the end but it has a sweet ruffle on it! I also found those red chevron to go cups there for $4.99 a dozen and the Tag brand paper napkins for $2.99! I love that store!!

These sweet pewter spoons are also Mary & Martha! I just love the look!

Oh, Andes mints... My favorite... Lets see if they make it to my next party!?!?

Thanks for listening,


  1. You definitely have "party-mojo" :D Looks like a lot of fun!
    Is the snow gone, or still on the ground?

    1. It is mostly gone but we are expecting more!

  2. Looks fabulously festive and fun!


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