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A Peek At Our Christmas...

Friday, December 26, 2014

We had a low-key family time for Christmas. I wanted to have as stress free of Christmas as possible. We started last Saturday when I treated the girlies and myself to a spa day. We had a full day of hair, nails, facials and massages... It was wonderful and relaxing. Just what we needed. 

I ordered party trays from the deli for Christmas day and Allison volunteered to cook Christmas Eve dinner and she got her sister on board so they handled it from beginning to end. I loaded the fridge and pantry with all the provisions we might need... We are set to be holed up for many days. Which is usually good this time of year when you can't predict the weather. Ironically it was record warm temperatures today at over fifty degrees. I am pretending to be snowed in and it is the warmest Christmas on record! (Of course!) 

Anyhow, Allison got some great shots of today and I thought I'd share some of them with you...
So without further ado... Christmas 2014

Our tree...

Opening gifts...

Of all the gifts we got her, a little cupcake sorting toy I bought on a whim is literally the only toy she played with today.

She had 3-4 of them with her at all times until she went to visit her dad at his parents house for a few hours... Then as soon as she arrived home she immediately grabbed them again.

She cried and cried every time we tried to take them away from her and Katy finally compromised and let her take one with her to bed.

I guess it's better then only being interested in the boxes!

Can you believe our little Goobie is 18 months old?

I love this shot of her & Katy.

"Enough Mom!"

Those curls are sweet but a lot of work to keep untangled... It doesn't matter, there is little cuter then baby curls!

"Wait Auntie, I have an idea!"

So sweet!

This is my favorite picture! I love that sweet girl so much!

She was so excited it was hard to get her to eat. Thankfully Katy had some of those "Pediasure" drinks left from when she wasn't feeling well... It looks like chocolate milk in her sippy cup but it is actually the baby equivalent of an instant breakfast... I wish they had these when my girlies were small!

Hanging with Pop!


After about half her drink she discovered the animal crackers that were in her stocking... Basically chocolate milk and cookies for breakfast! Must be Christmas morning!!

So happy today!

She did let us try her new boots on her. I just love baby UGGS! 

We had a really good day in spite of all the drama and upheaval surrounding us. We all got treated well by "Santa" and spent a lazy afternoon playing with Goobie's toys wether she wanted to play with them or not. Then we played a bunch of board games, and watched a movie... None of us adults got fully dressed (unless you count trying on new clothes getting dressed) and it was wonderful. Of course the afore mentioned drama always finds it's way in but I am choosing to only focus on the joy filled moments that far outweighed the drama! 

Merry Christmas Everyone

Thanks for listening,


  1. Merry Christmas!! Your grandbaby is the cutest!!!! So sweet to have a little one around at the holidays.

  2. Your little grand is beautiful - Allison captured some wonderful moments :D Your Christmas sounds perfect - relaxed and enjoyable is just right! Wishing you a blessed New Year,


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