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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Random thoughts post ahead... You were warned!

Christmas was lovely but I am having a hard time putting the house back the way it goes and ironically this is annoying me! We usually have a live tree and sometime between the 26th and New Years it is usually shedding needles at such a rapid pace I can't take it another minute. It turns out this is what prompts me to un-decorate... This year we got an artificial tree so everything else seems to be a higher priority but the fact that the house is still topsy turvy is driving me nuts!

I found new living room drapes this weekend and although I desperately need new rods (the ones my mother put up back in 2000 are showing their age) I went ahead and hung them to try to inspire me to put the house back together... They are Navy blue & white and I have a poorly lit picture that doesn't do them justice...

I feel new pillow covers coming on. 
Pillow covers are my new obsession... I like to change up the look of my throw pillows often but storing extra pillows is a bulky proposition. Pillow covers have ended that madness in my life. I have one smallish bin in the top of my closet that holds several "seasons" of covers and room for plenty more! 
(Thank you for once again ignoring my "popcorn" ceilings... One day we will have to deal with them, but this is not that day!) 

I am having a hard time un-Christmasing the kitchen... I love, love. love the preserved boxwood wreaths I found this year and put on each of the "larger" cabinets. They make my sad cabinets feel so fresh... Here are more poorly lit pictures I took last night before I bit the bullet and put it all away.

Here is a close up of the counter display I did... I un-Christmassed it immediately after snapping this picture but couldn't bring myself to take down the wreaths yet. 

See that little wax burner there? It is actually kinda cute when it's lit up. It was a gift from a good friend and it brings up a question about gifts. 

I am about to say something so horrible you may not ant to be my friend anymore... I LOVE to give gifts but I don't want to receive any more. I love when someone gives me something made for me or something they truly believe I will love, because they are usually right... It's the endless march of candles, picture frames, coffee mugs, "gourmet" gift baskets, and other various bric-a-brac that I usually receive. I know that sounds super ungrateful and I am sorry... I want to love everything I receive, I really do but after the oohs and ahhs I now feel obligated to keep and use all these gifts. This is just not possible and I don't know what to do... I don't want to re-gift as that is fraught with problems. How do you deal with this? I literally got 16 dishtowels between my birthday in October, hostess gifts in November & December and in gifts at Christmas time... Tips please... 

I have lots more random junk rumbling around in my head but I will spare you for today...

Thanks for listening,

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  1. Oooo, hurray for new curtains - I LOVE the crispness of the navy and white :D When I undecorated after Christmas, I do all blue/white/silver wintery stuff. I "need" lots of twinkly lights and candles to get me through the still-dark days :D

    I have a space issue with gifts. When the kids were little and got a ton of toys it really hit home! We try to practice what I jokingly call the "Equal Mass Law" - whatever comes in, an equal mass of stuff must go out. It could be (very carefully) re-gifted, donated, made into something else... whatever. But too much stuff makes me crazy. We've tended to give a lot of consumable gifts in recent years - special food items, candles (which we actually burn, not just look at), etc.

    Good luck with that!



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