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Monday, June 8, 2015

My husband and I were talking yesterday about a time in our lives when we lived in a more urban area and it seemed like the social norm was to "keep up with the {generic name}" but the goal seemed to be to be better then them... Anything short was considered an embarrassment. Having people over for dinner required weeks and weeks of prep time... It was overwhelming and only feeling accepted because of how big and beautiful you house was, what you drove, what you wore, or even what foods you served was exhausting and you could never win...

Here's the thing, "winning" should never be the goal of friendship. There is no trophy... If you find yourself feeling this way feel free to just stop. Seriously, be real... Be authentic... You will figure out pretty quick who is your true friends are and they will probably be relieved.

For the month of June Mary & Martha is doing the "#NoCompareDare" we are asking you to spend a month trying not to compare yourself with anyone else... And one way to do that is to stop trying to portray your life as perfect and flawless to others... When you just stop, take a breath and reveal your true authentic self you will not only feel less stress but others around you will feel free to do the same. 

This "#NoCompareDare" thing is the perfect chance to get off the fake perfection hamster wheel! I dare you to take the first step. Tonight I am having people over and other then some minor tiding up I am having them over to my "real" house... The tiny, frequently cluttered, place we call home. And I am not going all out for the food either... No pouring over Pinterest for the menu, no desserts in individual mason jars (although those are fun), no fancy at all... I love to throw parties and go all out but there is a time and a place for that and that is not on a Monday night after an extremely busy day! 

Join me... I dare you! 

Thanks for listening,


  1. AMEN!

    Sometimes I feel like pulling out all the stops and doing something fancy, or themed, or whatever. I can do it because I WANT to. But most of the time when we have folks over, it's potluck, paper plates, and write-your-name-on-the-solo-cup-with-a-sharpie ;D

    And if you love throwing cute, themed events, you go ahead and do it because you LOVE it and you're good at it (!), not because you're trying to impress anyone :D

  2. Love you, friend!!! ~Dawn Stanford


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