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"Bless her heart!"

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Now I would like to reflect on my favorite "southern" phrase. "Bless her heart!" You can insert the more aggressive "your" or "their" or even in rare times "his" into the middle but the result is the same. This phrase generally means one of the following... "what an idiot".... "*bleep* her"..... or the more rare and confusing "bless her"... you never know. That is how little old ladies in their Sunday best can get away with saying it right to your face... and you can only say "thank you."
To all of our friends in the north, you need to adopt this multi purpose phrase... it is very freeing.  If the North East adopted it you could feel the collective blood pressure of our nation go down as far away as the west coast.
Give it a try some time.... let me know how it works out for y'all!


  1. I love that phrase. I should use it more than I do.

  2. As always you crack me up!! Thanks for the link.


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