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Saturday, January 9, 2010

I posted this late last night, but when I re-read it in the bright light of day, it seemed so heavy. I pulled it and wrote the post about "bless your heart" and that was that, or so I thought. Since nobody commented, I assumed nobody had read it...then I checked my email. Some of you had and I was even busted for pulling it. I am putting it back up... this is me, warts and all. I get down and have late night funks like everyone else...welcome to last night's late night funk. Is there truth in this post, yes...am I unhappy here, no.
Love ya guys...keepin' me honest and all!

Bloom where you are planted...
...what if you aren't planted... do you still bloom?

As I said in my bio, we move a lot. For no one particular reason, every move was for it's own reason and had it's own ups and downs. Most of you know that we have moved a lot...but here's the skinny

We met and were married, ironically here in Clarksville, TN. Below is how we got back here: (Italics are how long we were there.)
Our first move was to Union, New Jersey (P's hometown) 3 mos
Then Mckinleyville, California 3 mos  (the only move I still regret... wanted to be with family for KK's birth)
Union, New Jersey 11 mos (too much family...)
Livingston, Montana 13 mos 
Union, New Jersey 6 mos (family needed us...)
Bozeman, Montana 7 1/2 years (see, we can set down roots...)
Stockton Springs, Maine 3 years (I grew up in Maine...)
Belfast, Maine 6 mos
Waterville, Maine 2 years
St. Albans, Vermont  6 mos
Clarksville, Tennessee 3 years... so far

Are you exhausted yet? I should be... the thing is... I've got that "let's go" bug again, and it's contagious...P has it too.  I don't know why, we really love the people here... as we have everywhere we've lived... yet we have the bug. Please pray that this is one of those 24 hour bugs... (like the stomach bug going around!)

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  1. i am late posting as i just received your blog today... soooo do yall still have the bug? don't move! love ya


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