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Just another Sunday around here...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nothing truly exciting happend around here today, but of course I will still try to find a story here somewhere. I missed church this morning. I had a tummy ache* and stayed home while P took the girlies. (*Now that our girls are closer to adult then child I should probably switch to phrases like "upset stomach", but for me it just loses something.) Anyhow, I don't know about you, but the week feels kinda lop-sided without church, so I am sorry I missed it. You know I must have been truly not feeling well since today was the once-a-month "Doughnut Sunday" at church and I LOVE doughnuts. I try not to eat them anytime other then doughnut Sunday, so I really missed out. (I did break out in spontaneous song and dance one week a church, much to the girlies embarassment over my love of these wonders...but that's another post.)
With the family off, I curled up to read the Bible...I wish, no...that is what I should have been doing...I was actually watching a marathon of AX Men on TV. (Shameful, I know.) I rarely have the house all to myself and should have turned off the TV to relish the quiet, but alas I am weak. (And quite possibly addicted to "men at work" reality shows...I love Deadliest Catch, AX Men, & Ice Road Truckers...I know weird, huh?) Due to the above mentioned "tummy ache" I didn't even prepare dinner and let my family forage for left-overs when they got home. We did have some choice leftovers this week, but still...
This afternoon my tummy was feeling somewhat better, so I did venture out this evening to take the Girlies back to church. KK and I help out (a little) with AWANA and AL had a youth bible study so we are pretty busy once we get there. I also get to hang out with two of my favorite friends there, who I don't get to see that much these days, so I really look forward to Sunday nights. I really was glad to be feeling better. We also stopped at Starbucks on the way, so it was overall a great evening of fellowship.
I came home and was greeted by a living room that was a total disaster and "what's for supper?" with a "can you wash my grey jeans for tomorrow?" thrown in for good measure.
At least Otis (my kitty) was happy to see me. He was so happy in fact he was about to come unglued. He was purring so hard he was having a hard time standing and "kneading" everything in sight. Anyone who has ever said they don't like cats because they are too aloof, must have never had a cat who truly loves them. Anyhow, with Otis fully cuddled, the vegetable fried rice made and served and the jeans in the wash (plus an argument or two of the girlies mediated.), I settled in to...you guessed it...watch the season premiere of AX Men! (I can stop anytime...I swear...)
Other then the missing church part, it truly was "just another Sunday around here" and for that I am truly blessed. I hope we have many more of these quiet days...I cherish them.

PS. A couple of you have asked me to post my monthly menus on here. Last spring I did a session at a homeschool support group on menu planning and that is still what I get asked about the most. Yes, I still feed a family of five (adult appetites) for less then $450 a month (breakfast, lunch & dinner), and yes, we still eat really well. (No, we still don't eat beans every day...in fact we rarely do.) Anyhow, like I said, a couple of you have asked me to post my menus on here and I was wondering if that is of an interest to any more of you. If not, I don't want to drive you away. Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. Yes! I would be very pleased to have a gander at your menu! And I suppose if no one else asks for it, you can always just e-mail me instead. :)

  2. Joy.... No problem, I'll put you on the list.


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