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The Blizzard of 2010....

Friday, January 8, 2010

(Yes, that's hyperbole...)

Here we are on our 3rd winter in Tennessee and it still cracks me up listening to the news before it snows. Let me set the scene for those of you who do not live in the south....yes it did flurry snow here yesterday. We got...are you ready?.... 1"....(yes, you read that right.) It didn't even cover the grass, but if you had watched the news the last couple of days and didn't see the "projected accumulation" reports you would be convinced that we were in for an all out blizzard. They closed the schools in advance of the storm and they are still closed today! (Yes, for 1") Yesterday I went out to lunch for my friend Valerie's Birthday. We went to the Olive Garden, at noon, long wait for a table you ask...nope...there were maybe 12 other tables of people braving the storm for lunch...in a city of 135,000 people! (Heard that figure the other night on the news.) I could hear crickets in there...it was a virtual ghost town. I left there and headed to Walgreens to drop off a redbox movie, while there I went in to grab some kitty litter (like you needed to know that...I should have said something glamorous like ...I don't know, mascara?...It is walgreens we are talking about here folks..) and as I walked in the door, I was informed by a sweet, young girl behind the register that they are out of bread and milk & bottled water! Yes, you heard me right, the people of this fair city have bought up all the bread, milk and water in town in advance of the 1" of snow! As I left there and headed out to my car and in the space next to mine was a woman in her audi parked horizontally in the two spaces between my vehicle and the POLICE CAR parked two spaces down. Apparently she had been backing out, and ended up sliding a little on a little patch of ice. Then repeated this action "about ten times" (in her words) until she was stuck horizontally between us! At this point she was in tears, I told her to hang on, I'd move mine so she could get out, to which she sobbed that she was afraid to go any farther "in all this snow." I ended up, moving my vehicle, moving her car so that it was parked correctly and the driving her home. She went out in search of milk because they were on their last gallon, but she wouldn't make that mistake again... Let me remind you 1" of snow!  (They really can't drive in snow down here!) Ft. Campbell, is a MAJOR military installation is just north of town... they wage wars from there, but apparently it takes them an extra two hours to wade through one inch of snow to get to work!  Mind you, it snows here a few times every year...this is not a once in a lifetime event. These are the same people who when I called to see if they were still having a homeschool event during one of the many tornado warnings and was asked, "have the spotted one in town...no...then come on in, just "watch for funnel clouds!" (Whaaaat?) These are the same people that when it rains so hard here that you can't see the hood of your car will ask you why you are late to church..."did ya let a little rain slow you down?" I'm living in the TWILIGHT ZONE  here folks...there is no other conclusion that can be drawn.

Have a blessed day!


  1. Ha, Rebecca, hilarious! (coming from one raised in "snowtown, USA")

  2. Sunny...it just goes to show the truth is stranger then fiction...I couldn't have made up the mass hysteria 1" of snow can cause in my wildest imaginations!

  3. Hi Rebecca! I found your blog over on Suburban Turmoil (after reading about the mean girl on the treadmill!) and decided to come over and check it out. You have a great voice for blogging--very honest! I've enjoyed reading some of your posts. I'm from Chicago and can totally sympathize with your thoughts on the snow vs. tornadoes. Good luck with your new resolution!


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