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Bubbling up.... (part 1)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I visited a blog yesterday that asked what our most memorable Valentine's Day was, and it jogged a memory from years and years ago...

Back when we were newlywed we were living in New Jersey with P's dad. We had wed the April before and by June KK was on the way (surprise!) so by February of the following year I was REALLY pregnant... (I was due in mid March)... Still I didn't want our first Valentine's Day to go without any romance, so when my mom invited us up to Maine we went, but instead of staying with them like we usually did I booked us a room... a hot tub suite to be exact....

Now, Maine in February isn't exactly romantic, but the room I booked overlooked the harbor, and had not only a huge hot tub in the bathroom, but a gas fireplace to snuggle up in front of... huge or not I wanted everything to be perfect. I snuck over to the motel with my mom upon arriving to "set up" while P hung out with my step-dad. I put out faux champagne (grape juice), glasses, lit candles, and ran a bath for us. After I called my dad to bring P, I poured an entire bottle of bubble bath into the tub and turned on the jets... (some of you are already groaning...)

I went out front to wait for P. He was pleasantly surprised... (and not just because we were not staying with his in-laws for the weekend...) until we got to the room. Upon opening the door we discovered the room was buried 3' deep in bubbles! He looked at me and said "Why did you do this?"... as if I had planned it... (I'm not sure in retrospect if I should have been insulted, I was to shocked to feel anything at the time...) I didn't know what to say... it was one of those rare speechless moments... Thankfully P went into action... he waded in to the tub and turned off the jets and drained the tub. There was a window over the tub that was pretty good size, and was overlooking the ally behind the motel. Being on the third floor P had an idea...he slid it open and popped out the screen. We both started pushing bubbles out the window. He grabbed the ice bucket and I grabbed the tray it was on and we went to work... (let's just picture that for a moment... P with a small pink plastic ice bucket and myself, 8 months pregnant, with a pink plastic tray... paints quite a picture...) After we got most the bubbles out the window we turned on the shower allowing the steam in the air to dissolve the rest of the bubbles... we then cranked the heat to dry out the room. Thankfully there didn't seem to be any damage so we sat on the bed and discussed what we would do once the room was fully restored.

About ten minutes later there was a knock at the door, it was the manager, he wanted to know if we'd had some trouble with the tub. I fessed up that I had put bubble bath in it and it caused a little mess, but that we had fixed everything.... That is when he asked us to follow him. With dread in our guts we followed him outside and around the motel... there, directly below our window was his pick-up truck about half buried in now frozen (February + Maine = COLD) bubbles.... Thankfully he burst out laughing! P offered to help clean it up and we ended up making a new friend. (We even dined with him and his sweet wife that night.)

And yes, I did say "Part 1"... I have another bubble story for another day...

Thanks for listening,


  1. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooo funny! I LOVE IT! This is a great story and memory. Nice manager. Thanks for sharing. I would have to tell you of a long ago favorite valentine, I will pass however. hugs to you p.s. kind of looks like "bubbles" out there today with all this snow!

  2. That is soooo funny!! I wish some of this funny stuff happened to me!! You make my life seem awfully boring! LOL

  3. momy22ss.... (feels funny calling you that since we know each other...) I'm sure funny stuff happens to you all the time... it's all in how you spin a yarn... that being said... I do probably have more then my fair share of these type moments and it is probably my fault....
    Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Too funny! I have done that to a jetted tub before-it is ridiculous! :)


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