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Five Favorites Friday...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Yes, I did change "Favorites Friday" to "Five Favorites Friday"... I work well when I have goals and limits. I initially thought I'd do "Fifteen Favorites Friday", but was afraid I might run out of favorite things around item eleven and that would just be false advertising.  For those of you who missed last Friday's post, these "favorites" are just things/places/ blogs I am in love with this week... most of them I will still be in love with next week and even next year but will try not to bore you too much by repeating too often...

Here goes...

1. A Great Blog:  The Lumberjacks Wife.. This is a fabulously, funny blog, that makes me laugh out loud nearly daily. She shared this pregnancy story (click here)  that moved me to tears... laughter or sorrow... you'll have to read it to find out.
PS. She is not my favorite this week because of the kind shout out she gave me (click here), but it did help...

2. A Cool New Store: Down East Basics... I found this great shop online this week... Their prices are great, I even found this cute dress for KK for $7.00!!

3. A Kitchen Gadget: An Egg Timer... from Crate & Barrel... I don't know why, because I am a pretty decent cook, but perfect soft boiled eggs have always eluded me... no more. (Why would I want a soft boiled egg you ask? I grew up in New England... that is the only explanation I have, but I do love dipping toast triangles in a soft boiled egg in those really cute egg cups...)

4. A Giveaway: A whole TEN days of them that is.... Blooming on Bainbridge has a massive "Pink Party" going on and is giving away a lot of really cool stuff! Pop on over!

5. A CUTE Apron: The Hip Hostess has the cutest aprons... including this one I am loving! I also love this one... The prices are reasonable and they make me want to whip up a souffle' a la June Cleaver...

Now just a bit of housekeeping... new blog style.... I want to start by telling you guys I love your comments... I love the anticipation when I log on...do I or don't I have any... it is like Christmas every day... the problem is, I don't know how to best answer you... This format doesn't really have a "reply" option, so I've tried just adding a comment of my own that responds to your comments, but I am not even sure if you guys know this, ever see it, or even care.... I can email some of you, but some of you don't have your "google profiles" set up for this...and I haven't tried this because, quite frankly, I'm not sure you'd want me bothering you.... Some of you skip the comment section here and just email your thoughts directly to me...those I will always try to answer... The last option is for me to drop by your blog if you have one and leave a comment... this I always try to do... because I know how much it means to me...
So tell me... how do you want me to reply to your comments... a new comment forcing you to come back and look for it... an email.... do you even want me to.... I can just shut-up and let you have the last word...yes I can... maybe...

Thanks for listening...


  1. Just wanted to chime in and thank you for all the sweet talk. We are delighted and totally flattered. Thanks a bunch!

    The Girls at The Hip Hostess

  2. I can't check in every day, but I think your blog is cool, and I've always thought you are a clever, witty, funny lady; so, I know I'll get a few chuckles out of your "observations." You don't need to reply to my feedback unless you feel compelled. I enjoyed your site-tips. I really liked the one with aprons, because I wear them often... 'cause I'm messy. See y'all Sunday if we can get out of our driveways! ~Cathy Meriwether

  3. How you respond to a comment is totaly up to you. Here, email whatever. Just soooo happy to hear a bit from you everyday!! It's even inspired me to get more serious about starting my own blog. I must something important or witty to say. Right!?

  4. Thank you thank you dear sweet friend!
    Happy Weekend!
    Think Pink!

  5. Hi I think this is my first time to come here. :) I like your Friday Favorites. That's a neat thing to do.

    To answer your question, I never remember to go back and see if someone has responded to a comment in the blogger profile. My comments come through in my emails and I frequently respond that way.

  6. Hi Rebecca, you are welcome to reply anytime, i check several times as i enjoy reading the comments too :) and seeing if you typed anything new, love the five for fridays. the aprons are adorable! thanks for sharing.

  7. Hmmm, well, I don't know if my opinion counts, but I do come back and check your blog to see if you've replied that way. Of course, I always get a notification on my blog if someone leaves a comment, but I only update every 2 weeks (not voluntarily) and that's a potential 14 comments on one post (plus, I'm sure that would get pretty boring for you). Honestly, I don't expect you to respond. You're just a cool person whose blog I love to read and sometimes can relate to and thus...I leave a comment. Of course I'm delighted to hear back from you when you can, but please, don't kill yourself over this. I'm sure it can get overwhelming...:)

  8. I would love your parmesan chicken recipe. I have a great eggroll recipe if you would like it.
    I wish I could check this every day. I don't know how you come up with this stuff. It's hilarious!!


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